Top Quality Oil Free Air Driven Gas Booster

Top Quality Oil Free Air Driven Gas Booster

oil totally free oilless air pushed fuel booster ,gas compressor 

Gasoline air booster substantial stress pump has following attributes:

1. Multi-fuel driven: Pressed air, nitrogen and and many others is been as driven gas souce
two. Vast assortment of apps: CZPT for the bursting pressure experiment. Skinny-walled tube experiments. Higher-strain gas cylinders experiment, higher-pressure liquid experiments. Exactly where the strain is not substantial adequate, whether or not it is industrial machinery or check products, can be employed Laston booster pump
three. CZPT holding pressure: Regardless of what triggered the circuit force drops, the pump commences routinely additional leak force to maintain circuit strain continuous
Secure operation: The gas-driven, no arc and sparks can be used flammable. Explosive liquid or fuel spot.
four. Very good cost functionality: The gasoline booster is a piston pump, when it doing work, pump would reciprocating swiftly, with increased strain, reciprocating pump slowed down right up until it stops, this time, the pump output force is continual, the most affordable energy use, stop the movement of each ingredient, as is the piston pump, its composition is easy and straightforward to keep, substantially decreasing upkeep expenses.

5. Oil totally free oil considerably less functions, no oil contamination

TPD collection booster for the two booster pump, low pressure fuel can be elevated to a large pressure. Driving gasoline ≤ 8bar, the gas inlet force in the selection of .one-10bar, can be increased up 80MPa, the complete pump all aluminum and stainless metal.

The pump drive piston diameter of 160mm, equally ends of the pump head with exhaust cooling.

MCZPTL Boost mini inlet PA(bar) Max inlet PA(bar) Max outlet PB(bar) Discharge strain PB gas inlet pushed air inlet Max flow price L/min @PL=6bar
TPDS25/four twenty five:one .1 bar 10bar two hundred bar 25PL+3.5PA ZG1/four ZG1/4 520@ PA =eight
TPDS40/4 40:one .1bar 10bar 320 bar 40PL+ 6PA ZG1/four ZG1/4 480@ PA =eight
TPDS10/60/four 10:1/60:1 .1 bar 10bar 480 bar 60PL+6 PA ZG1/4 ZG1/four 320@ PA =eight
TPDS25/60/4 twenty five:1/60:1 one bar 25bar 480 bar 60PL+two.5PA ZG1/4 ZG1/four 280@ PA =eight
TPDS100/4 one hundred:one .one bar 10bar 800 bar 100PL+10PA ZG1/4 ZG1/four 240@ PA =8

Top Quality Oil Free Air Driven Gas Booster