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China Custom Industrial Dry Rotary Screw Vacuum Pump For Agricultural Machinery vacuum pump electric

Product Description

DS Series Dry Screw Vacuum Pump 


1.Exhaust Path Is Short, Reduce The Deposition Of Reactants.
Comparing with other types of dry vacuum pump,DENAIR screw vacuum pump has the shortest gas path in the vacuum pump and that could reduce the contamination of process gas. Screw rotors can play as a powder transmission mechanism,we runs well even there has lots of contamination inside the pump.

2.The Optimal Linear Sealing, The Pump Performance.
Patented rotor profile can provide rotor excellent sealing effects thus a larger clearance is allowable in between.Pump rotor wesring and rotor jam by the process contamination can be reduced by larger allowable clearcance.

3.Simple Structure, Low Fault Rate And Easy Maintenance
Screw type vacuum is composed by a pair of screw rotor and isolation plates are required in different between rotors and isolation plates can also be avoided.Overhaul CHINAMFG dry pump is much easier than other type of dry pump,so the erpair time is shorter and the cost is saver.

4.Microcomputer Operation, Remote Monitoring, Considerate Protection
Microprocessor controller provides lots of pump parameters for running status monitoring.Pump can be easily operated and monitored by the operation panel.Remote control software can help the customer monitor the pump running status remotely.

DS Vacuum Pump Speed Curve


1.Special cooling liquid cooling, to avoid the cooling water may cause corrosion to the hull. 

2.Mobile operation interface, convenient operation; Display and the actual work of vacuum pump and can be selected to both languages, according to the real close to the customer.

3.Catch the power connector, safe and convenient.

4.The nitrogen gas heater, make the vacuum pump is more suitable for CVD, PECVD and other semiconductor technique process.
5.The control signals and communication signal interface, remote monitoring was carried out on the vacuum. 


1.The health care industry.

2.Lighting industry.

3.A variety of analytical instruments.

4.Electronics, semiconductor industry. 

5.The power industry.

6.Refrigeration industry.

Technical Prameters

Type Unit DS180 DS250 DS360 DS540 DS720
50Hz 60Hz 50Hz 60Hz 50Hz 60Hz 50Hz 60Hz 50Hz 60Hz
Pumping speed m3/hr 180 216 250 3, China
And our factory is located in No.386,YangzhuangBang Street,Pingxing Rd.,Xindai Town,HangZhou,ZHangZhoug Province, China

Q3: Warranty terms of your machine? 
A3: Two years warranty for the machine and technical support according to your needs.

Q4: Will you provide some spare parts of the machines? 
A4: Yes, of course.

Q5: How long will you take to arrange production? 
A5: 380V 50HZ we can delivery the goods within 10 days. Other electricity or other color we will delivery within 22 days

Q6: Can you accept OEM orders? 
A6: Yes, with professional design team, OEM orders are highly welcome.

vacuum pump

What Is the Impact of Altitude on Vacuum Pump Performance?

The performance of vacuum pumps can be influenced by the altitude at which they are operated. Here’s a detailed explanation:

Altitude refers to the elevation or height above sea level. As the altitude increases, the atmospheric pressure decreases. This decrease in atmospheric pressure can have several effects on the performance of vacuum pumps:

1. Reduced Suction Capacity: Vacuum pumps rely on the pressure differential between the suction side and the discharge side to create a vacuum. At higher altitudes, where the atmospheric pressure is lower, the pressure differential available for the pump to work against is reduced. This can result in a decrease in the suction capacity of the vacuum pump, meaning it may not be able to achieve the same level of vacuum as it would at lower altitudes.

2. Lower Ultimate Vacuum Level: The ultimate vacuum level, which represents the lowest pressure that a vacuum pump can achieve, is also affected by altitude. As the atmospheric pressure decreases with increasing altitude, the ultimate vacuum level that can be attained by a vacuum pump is limited. The pump may struggle to reach the same level of vacuum as it would at sea level or lower altitudes.

3. Pumping Speed: Pumping speed is a measure of how quickly a vacuum pump can remove gases from a system. At higher altitudes, the reduced atmospheric pressure can lead to a decrease in pumping speed. This means that the vacuum pump may take longer to evacuate a chamber or system to the desired vacuum level.

4. Increased Power Consumption: To compensate for the decreased pressure differential and achieve the desired vacuum level, a vacuum pump operating at higher altitudes may require higher power consumption. The pump needs to work harder to overcome the lower atmospheric pressure and maintain the necessary suction capacity. This increased power consumption can impact energy efficiency and operating costs.

5. Efficiency and Performance Variations: Different types of vacuum pumps may exhibit varying degrees of sensitivity to altitude. Oil-sealed rotary vane pumps, for example, may experience more significant performance variations compared to dry pumps or other pump technologies. The design and operating principles of the vacuum pump can influence its ability to maintain performance at higher altitudes.

It’s important to note that vacuum pump manufacturers typically provide specifications and performance curves for their pumps based on standardized conditions, often at or near sea level. When operating a vacuum pump at higher altitudes, it is advisable to consult the manufacturer’s guidelines and consider any altitude-related limitations or adjustments that may be necessary.

In summary, the altitude at which a vacuum pump operates can have an impact on its performance. The reduced atmospheric pressure at higher altitudes can result in decreased suction capacity, lower ultimate vacuum levels, reduced pumping speed, and potentially increased power consumption. Understanding these effects is crucial for selecting and operating vacuum pumps effectively in different altitude environments.

vacuum pump

Can Vacuum Pumps Be Used in the Production of Solar Panels?

Yes, vacuum pumps are extensively used in the production of solar panels. Here’s a detailed explanation:

Solar panels, also known as photovoltaic (PV) panels, are devices that convert sunlight into electricity. The manufacturing process of solar panels involves several critical steps, many of which require the use of vacuum pumps. Vacuum technology plays a crucial role in ensuring the efficiency, reliability, and quality of solar panel production. Here are some key areas where vacuum pumps are utilized:

1. Silicon Ingot Production: The first step in solar panel manufacturing is the production of silicon ingots. These ingots are cylindrical blocks of pure crystalline silicon that serve as the raw material for solar cells. Vacuum pumps are used in the Czochralski process, which involves melting polycrystalline silicon in a quartz crucible and then slowly pulling a single crystal ingot from the molten silicon. Vacuum pumps create a controlled environment by removing impurities and preventing contamination during the crystal growth process.

2. Wafering: After the silicon ingots are produced, they undergo wafering, where the ingots are sliced into thin wafers. Vacuum pumps are used in wire saws to create a low-pressure environment that helps to cool and lubricate the cutting wire. The vacuum also assists in removing the silicon debris generated during the slicing process, ensuring clean and precise cuts.

3. Solar Cell Production: Vacuum pumps play a significant role in various stages of solar cell production. Solar cells are the individual units within a solar panel that convert sunlight into electricity. Vacuum pumps are used in the following processes:

– Diffusion: In the diffusion process, dopants such as phosphorus or boron are introduced into the silicon wafer to create the desired electrical properties. Vacuum pumps are utilized in the diffusion furnace to create a controlled atmosphere for the diffusion process and remove any impurities or gases that may affect the quality of the solar cell.

– Deposition: Thin films of materials such as anti-reflective coatings, passivation layers, and electrode materials are deposited onto the silicon wafer. Vacuum pumps are used in various deposition techniques like physical vapor deposition (PVD) or chemical vapor deposition (CVD) to create the necessary vacuum conditions for precise and uniform film deposition.

– Etching: Etching processes are employed to create the desired surface textures on the solar cell, which enhance light trapping and improve efficiency. Vacuum pumps are used in plasma etching or wet etching techniques to remove unwanted material or create specific surface structures on the solar cell.

4. Encapsulation: After the solar cells are produced, they are encapsulated to protect them from environmental factors such as moisture and mechanical stress. Vacuum pumps are used in the encapsulation process to create a vacuum environment, ensuring the removal of air and moisture from the encapsulation materials. This helps to achieve proper bonding and prevents the formation of bubbles or voids, which could degrade the performance and longevity of the solar panel.

5. Testing and Quality Control: Vacuum pumps are also utilized in testing and quality control processes during solar panel production. For example, vacuum systems can be used for leak testing to ensure the integrity of the encapsulation and to detect any potential defects or leaks in the panel assembly. Vacuum-based measurement techniques may also be employed for assessing the electrical characteristics and efficiency of the solar cells or panels.

In summary, vacuum pumps are integral to the production of solar panels. They are used in various stages of the manufacturing process, including silicon ingot production, wafering, solar cell production (diffusion, deposition, and etching), encapsulation, and testing. Vacuum technology enables precise control, contamination prevention, and efficient processing, contributing to the production of high-quality and reliable solar panels.vacuum pump

Can Vacuum Pumps Be Used in Food Processing?

Yes, vacuum pumps are widely used in food processing for various applications. Here’s a detailed explanation:

Vacuum pumps play a crucial role in the food processing industry by enabling the creation and maintenance of vacuum or low-pressure environments. They offer several benefits in terms of food preservation, packaging, and processing. Here are some common applications of vacuum pumps in food processing:

1. Vacuum Packaging: Vacuum pumps are extensively used in vacuum packaging processes. Vacuum packaging involves removing air from the packaging container to create a vacuum-sealed environment. This process helps extend the shelf life of food products by inhibiting the growth of spoilage-causing microorganisms and reducing oxidation. Vacuum pumps are used to evacuate the air from the packaging, ensuring a tight seal and maintaining the quality and freshness of the food.

2. Freeze Drying: Vacuum pumps are essential in freeze drying or lyophilization processes used in food processing. Freeze drying involves removing moisture from food products while they are frozen, preserving their texture, flavor, and nutritional content. Vacuum pumps create a low-pressure environment that allows frozen water to directly sublimate from solid to vapor, resulting in the removal of moisture from the food without causing damage or loss of quality.

3. Vacuum Cooling: Vacuum pumps are utilized in vacuum cooling processes for rapid and efficient cooling of food products. Vacuum cooling involves placing the food in a vacuum chamber and reducing the pressure. This lowers the boiling point of water, facilitating the rapid evaporation of moisture and heat from the food, thereby cooling it quickly. Vacuum cooling helps maintain the freshness, texture, and quality of delicate food items such as fruits, vegetables, and bakery products.

4. Vacuum Concentration: Vacuum pumps are employed in vacuum concentration processes in the food industry. Vacuum concentration involves removing excess moisture from liquid food products to increase their solids content. By creating a vacuum, the boiling point of the liquid is reduced, allowing for gentle evaporation of water while preserving the desired flavors, nutrients, and viscosity of the product. Vacuum concentration is commonly used in the production of juices, sauces, and concentrates.

5. Vacuum Mixing and Deaeration: Vacuum pumps are used in mixing and deaeration processes in food processing. In the production of certain food products such as chocolates, confectioneries, and sauces, vacuum mixing is employed to remove air bubbles, achieve homogeneity, and improve product texture. Vacuum pumps aid in the removal of entrapped air and gases, resulting in smooth and uniform food products.

6. Vacuum Filtration: Vacuum pumps are utilized in food processing for vacuum filtration applications. Vacuum filtration involves separating solids from liquids or gases using a filter medium. Vacuum pumps create suction that draws the liquid or gas through the filter, leaving behind the solid particles. Vacuum filtration is commonly used in processes such as clarifying liquids, removing impurities, and separating solids from liquids in the production of beverages, oils, and dairy products.

7. Marinating and Brining: Vacuum pumps are employed in marinating and brining processes in the food industry. By applying a vacuum to the marinating or brining container, the pressure is reduced, allowing the marinade or brine to penetrate the food more efficiently. Vacuum marinating and brining help enhance flavor absorption, reduce marinating time, and improve the overall taste and texture of the food.

8. Controlled Atmosphere Packaging: Vacuum pumps are used in controlled atmosphere packaging (CAP) systems in the food industry. CAP involves modifying the gas composition within food packaging to extend the shelf life and maintain the quality of perishable products. Vacuum pumps aid in the removal of oxygen or other unwanted gases from the package, allowing the introduction of a desired gas mixture that preserves the food’s freshness and inhibits microbial growth.

These are just a few examples of how vacuum pumps are used in food processing. The ability to create and control vacuum or low-pressure environments is a valuable asset in preserving food quality, enhancing shelf life, and facilitating various processing techniques in the food industry.

China Custom Industrial Dry Rotary Screw Vacuum Pump For Agricultural Machinery   vacuum pump electricChina Custom Industrial Dry Rotary Screw Vacuum Pump For Agricultural Machinery   vacuum pump electric
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China supplier Environmental Protection Centrifugal High Speed Vacuum Pump and Compressor for Farming Industry Pesticide Fertilizer Production Farming Machinery with Great quality

Product Description


Product Description

2BE series water ring vacuum pump and compressor, based on many years of scientific research results and production experience, combined with the international advanced technology of similar products, developed high efficiency and energy saving products, usually used for pumping no CHINAMFG particles, insoluble in water, no corrosion gas, in order to form a vacuum and pressure in a closed container. By changing the structure material, it can also be used to suck corrosive gas or to use corrosive liquid as working fluid. Widely used in papermaking, chemical, petrochemical, light industry, pharmaceutical, food, metallurgy, building materials, electrical appliances, coal washing, mineral processing, chemical fertilizer and other industries.

This series of pumps uses the CHINAMFG single action structure, has the advantages of simple structure, convenient maintenance, reliable operation, high efficiency and energy saving, and can adapt to large displacement, load impact fluctuation and other harsh conditions.
The key components, such as the distribution plate, impeller and pump shaft, have been optimized to simplify the structure, improve the performance and achieve energy saving. The welding impeller is used, the blade is pressed and formed once, and the shape line is reasonable; Hub processing, fundamentally solve the dynamic balance problem. Impeller and pump shaft are fitted with hot filling interference, reliable performance. It runs smoothly. After the impeller is welded, the whole is subjected to good heat treatment, and the blade has good toughness, so that the impact resistance and bending resistance of the blade can be fundamentally guaranteed, and it can adapt to the bad working conditions of load impact fluctuation.
2BE series pump, with air and water separator, multi-position exhaust port, pump cover is provided with exhaust valve overhaul window, impeller and distribution plate clearance through positioning bearing gland at both ends of the adjustment, easy to install and use, simple operation, easy maintenance.

Pump structure

The performance curve of this series of pumps is measured under the following working conditions: the suction medium is 20°C saturated air, the working liquid temperature is 15°C, the exhaust pressure is 1013mbar, and the deviation of soil is 10%.

Structure declaration

2BEA-10-25 Structure diagram

1.Flat key 2. Shaft 3. Oil deflector 4. Bearing cap 5. Bearings 6. Bearing bracket 7.Brasque cover
8.Brasque body 9. Brasque ring 10. Brasque 11.Valve plate 12. Valve block
13.Front distribution plate 14.Pump body 15. Impeller 16. O seal ring.
17.Back distribution plate 18. Side cover. 19. Flat key 20. Axle sleeve 21. Elastic collar
22.Water retaining ring 23. Adjusting washer 24. Rear bearing body 25. Bearing screw cap
26.Bearing 27. Bolt


2BEA-30-70 Structure diagram

1.Flat key 2. Shaft 3. Oil deflector 4. Front bearing retainer 5. Front bearing body
6. Front bearing inner cover 7. Front side cover 8. Brasque cover 9. Brasque body 10. Brasque ring
11. Brasque 12. Front distribution plate 13. Pump body 14. Impeller 15. O seal ring
16. Valve block 17. Valve plate 18. Back distribution plate 19. Axle sleeve 20. Flat key
21. Back side cover 22. Water retaining ring 23. Rear bearing inner cover 24. Bearing
25. Adjusting washer 26. Oil block 27. Rear bearing outer cover 28. Back bearing body
29. Oil baffle disc 30. Elastic retainer or circular spiral

Product Parameters

Minimum suction absolute pressure (hPa) 33-160
Suction intensity(m³/min) Absolute inhalation capacity 60hPa 3,95-336
Absolute inhalation capacity 100hPa 4.58-342
Absolute inhalation capacity 200hPa 4.87-352
Absolute inhalation capacity 400hPa 4.93-353
Max. shaft power(kw) 7-453
Motor power(kw) 11-560
Speed(rpm) 197-1750
Weight(kg) 235-11800
Size 795*375*355mm-3185*2110*2045mm


Minimum suction absolute pressure (hPa) 160
Suction intensity(m³/min) Absolute inhalation capacity 60hPa 63-1700
Absolute inhalation capacity 100hPa 64-1738
Absolute inhalation capacity 200hPa 65-1785
Absolute inhalation capacity 400hPa 67-1800
Absolute inhalation capacity 550hPa 68-1830
Max. shaft power(kw) 61-2100
Motor power(kw) 75-2240
Speed(rpm) 105-610
Weight(kg) 2930-57500
Size 2102*1320*1160mm-5485*3560*3400mm

Detailed Photos

Operation site


Company presentation

Product gallery


Q1. What is your terms of packing? 
A: Generally, we pack our goods in neutral export wooden case . If you have legally registered patent, we can pack the goods in
wooden case with your own marks after getting your authorization letters.

Q2. What is your termsof payment? 
A: T/T 30% as deposit, and 70% before delivery. We’ll show you the photos of the products and packages before you pay the balance. 

Q3. What is your terms of delivery? 
A: EXW, FOB, CFR, CIF, etc.

Q4. How about your delivery time?
A: Generally, it will take from 10 dasys to 30 days after receiving your advance payment according to the pump’s material. The
specific delivery time also depends on the items and the quantity of your order.

Q5. Can you produce according to the samples?
A: Yes, we can produce by your samples or technical drawings. We can build the molds and fixtures. 

Q6. What is your sample policy? 
A: We can supply the sample if we have ready parts in stock, but the customers have to pay the sample cost and the courier cost.

Q7. Do you test all your goods before delivery?
A: Yes, we have 100% test the pumps before delivery .

Q8: How do you make our business long-term and good relationship? 
A. We keep good quality and competitive price to ensure our customers benefit ; 
B. We respect every customer as our friend and we sincerely do business and make friends with them, no matter where they are from.

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After-sales Service: Online
Warranty: 1 Years
Oil or Not: Oil Free
Structure: Rotary Vacuum Pump
Exhauster Method: Kinetic Vacuum Pump
Vacuum Degree: High Vacuum


vacuum pump

What Is the Vacuum Level and How Is It Measured in Vacuum Pumps?

The vacuum level refers to the degree of pressure below atmospheric pressure in a vacuum system. It indicates the level of “emptiness” or the absence of gas molecules in the system. Here’s a detailed explanation of vacuum level measurement in vacuum pumps:

Vacuum level is typically measured using pressure units that represent the difference between the pressure in the vacuum system and atmospheric pressure. The most common unit of measurement for vacuum level is the Pascal (Pa), which is the SI unit. Other commonly used units include Torr, millibar (mbar), and inches of mercury (inHg).

Vacuum pumps are equipped with pressure sensors or gauges that measure the pressure within the vacuum system. These gauges are specifically designed to measure the low pressures encountered in vacuum applications. There are several types of pressure gauges used for measuring vacuum levels:

1. Pirani Gauge: Pirani gauges operate based on the thermal conductivity of gases. They consist of a heated element exposed to the vacuum environment. As gas molecules collide with the heated element, they transfer heat away, causing a change in temperature. By measuring the change in temperature, the pressure can be inferred, allowing the determination of the vacuum level.

2. Thermocouple Gauge: Thermocouple gauges utilize the thermal conductivity of gases similar to Pirani gauges. They consist of two dissimilar metal wires joined together, forming a thermocouple. As gas molecules collide with the thermocouple, they cause a temperature difference between the wires, generating a voltage. The voltage is proportional to the pressure and can be calibrated to provide a reading of the vacuum level.

3. Capacitance Manometer: Capacitance manometers measure pressure by detecting the change in capacitance between two electrodes caused by the deflection of a flexible diaphragm. As the pressure in the vacuum system changes, the diaphragm moves, altering the capacitance and providing a measurement of the vacuum level.

4. Ionization Gauge: Ionization gauges operate by ionizing gas molecules in the vacuum system and measuring the resulting electrical current. The ion current is proportional to the pressure, allowing the determination of the vacuum level. There are different types of ionization gauges, such as hot cathode, cold cathode, and Bayard-Alpert gauges.

5. Baratron Gauge: Baratron gauges utilize the principle of capacitance manometry but with a different design. They consist of a pressure-sensing diaphragm separated by a small gap from a reference electrode. The pressure difference between the vacuum system and the reference electrode causes the diaphragm to deflect, changing the capacitance and providing a measurement of the vacuum level.

It’s important to note that different types of vacuum pumps may have different pressure ranges and may require specific pressure gauges suitable for their operating conditions. Additionally, vacuum pumps are often equipped with multiple gauges to provide information about the pressure at different stages of the pumping process or in different parts of the system.

In summary, vacuum level refers to the pressure below atmospheric pressure in a vacuum system. It is measured using pressure gauges specifically designed for low-pressure environments. Common types of pressure gauges used in vacuum pumps include Pirani gauges, thermocouple gauges, capacitance manometers, ionization gauges, and Baratron gauges.

\vacuum pump

What Is the Role of Vacuum Pumps in Pharmaceutical Manufacturing?

Vacuum pumps play a crucial role in various aspects of pharmaceutical manufacturing. Here’s a detailed explanation:

Vacuum pumps are extensively used in pharmaceutical manufacturing processes to support a range of critical operations. Some of the key roles of vacuum pumps in pharmaceutical manufacturing include:

1. Drying and Evaporation: Vacuum pumps are employed in drying and evaporation processes within the pharmaceutical industry. They facilitate the removal of moisture or solvents from pharmaceutical products or intermediates. Vacuum drying chambers or evaporators utilize vacuum pumps to create low-pressure conditions, which lower the boiling points of liquids, allowing them to evaporate at lower temperatures. By applying vacuum, moisture or solvents can be efficiently removed from substances such as active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs), granules, powders, or coatings, ensuring the desired product quality and stability.

2. Filtration and Filtrate Recovery: Vacuum pumps are used in filtration processes for the separation of solid-liquid mixtures. Vacuum filtration systems typically employ a filter medium, such as filter paper or membranes, to retain solids while allowing the liquid portion to pass through. By applying vacuum to the filtration apparatus, the liquid is drawn through the filter medium, leaving behind the solids. Vacuum pumps facilitate efficient filtration, speeding up the process and improving product quality. Additionally, vacuum pumps can aid in filtrate recovery by collecting and transferring the filtrate for further processing or reuse.

3. Distillation and Purification: Vacuum pumps are essential in distillation and purification processes within the pharmaceutical industry. Distillation involves the separation of liquid mixtures based on their different boiling points. By creating a vacuum environment, vacuum pumps lower the boiling points of the components, allowing them to vaporize and separate more easily. This enables efficient separation and purification of pharmaceutical compounds, including the removal of impurities or the isolation of specific components. Vacuum pumps are utilized in various distillation setups, such as rotary evaporators or thin film evaporators, to achieve precise control over the distillation conditions.

4. Freeze Drying (Lyophilization): Vacuum pumps are integral to the freeze drying process, also known as lyophilization. Lyophilization is a dehydration technique that involves the removal of water or solvents from pharmaceutical products while preserving their structure and integrity. Vacuum pumps create a low-pressure environment in freeze drying chambers, allowing the frozen product to undergo sublimation. During sublimation, the frozen water or solvent directly transitions from the solid phase to the vapor phase, bypassing the liquid phase. Vacuum pumps facilitate efficient and controlled sublimation, leading to the production of stable, shelf-stable pharmaceutical products with extended shelf life.

5. Tablet and Capsule Manufacturing: Vacuum pumps are utilized in tablet and capsule manufacturing processes. They are involved in the creation of vacuum within tablet presses or capsule filling machines. By applying vacuum, the air is removed from the die cavity or capsule cavity, allowing for the precise filling of powders or granules. Vacuum pumps contribute to the production of uniform and well-formed tablets or capsules by ensuring accurate dosing and minimizing air entrapment, which can affect the final product quality.

6. Sterilization and Decontamination: Vacuum pumps are employed in sterilization and decontamination processes within the pharmaceutical industry. Autoclaves and sterilizers utilize vacuum pumps to create a vacuum environment before introducing steam or chemical sterilants. By removing air or gases from the chamber, vacuum pumps assist in achieving effective sterilization or decontamination by enhancing the penetration and distribution of sterilants. Vacuum pumps also aid in the removal of sterilants and residues after the sterilization process is complete.

It’s important to note that different types of vacuum pumps, such as rotary vane pumps, dry screw pumps, or liquid ring pumps, may be utilized in pharmaceutical manufacturing depending on the specific requirements of the process and the compatibility with pharmaceutical products.

In summary, vacuum pumps play a vital role in various stages of pharmaceutical manufacturing, including drying and evaporation, filtration and filtrate recovery, distillation and purification, freeze drying (lyophilization), tablet and capsule manufacturing, as well as sterilization and decontamination. By enabling efficient and controlled processes, vacuum pumps contribute to the production of high-quality pharmaceutical products, ensuring the desired characteristics, stability, and safety.

vacuum pump

Can Vacuum Pumps Be Used in the Medical Field?

Yes, vacuum pumps have a wide range of applications in the medical field. Here’s a detailed explanation:

Vacuum pumps play a crucial role in various medical applications, providing suction or creating controlled vacuum environments. Here are some key areas where vacuum pumps are used in the medical field:

1. Negative Pressure Wound Therapy (NPWT):

Vacuum pumps are extensively utilized in negative pressure wound therapy, a technique used to promote wound healing. In NPWT, a vacuum pump creates a controlled low-pressure environment within a wound dressing, facilitating the removal of excess fluid, promoting blood flow, and accelerating the healing process.

2. Surgical Suction:

Vacuum pumps are an integral part of surgical suction systems. They provide the necessary suction force to remove fluids, gases, or debris from the surgical site during procedures. Surgical suction helps maintain a clear field of view for surgeons, enhances tissue visualization, and contributes to a sterile operating environment.

3. Anesthesia:

In anesthesia machines, vacuum pumps are used to create suction for various purposes:

– Airway Suction: Vacuum pumps assist in airway suctioning to clear secretions or obstructions from the patient’s airway during anesthesia or emergency situations.

– Evacuation of Gases: Vacuum pumps aid in removing exhaled gases from the patient’s breathing circuit, ensuring the delivery of fresh gas mixtures and maintaining appropriate anesthesia levels.

4. Laboratory Equipment:

Vacuum pumps are essential components in various medical laboratory equipment:

– Vacuum Ovens: Vacuum pumps are used in vacuum drying ovens, which are utilized for controlled drying or heat treatment of sensitive materials, samples, or laboratory glassware.

– Centrifugal Concentrators: Vacuum pumps are employed in centrifugal concentrators to facilitate the concentration or dehydration of biological samples, such as DNA, proteins, or viruses.

– Freeze Dryers: Vacuum pumps play a vital role in freeze-drying processes, where samples are frozen and then subjected to vacuum conditions to remove water via sublimation, preserving the sample’s structure and integrity.

5. Medical Suction Devices:

Vacuum pumps are utilized in standalone medical suction devices, commonly found in hospitals, clinics, and emergency settings. These devices create suction required for various medical procedures, including:

– Suctioning of Respiratory Secretions: Vacuum pumps assist in removing respiratory secretions or excess fluids from the airways of patients who have difficulty coughing or clearing their airways effectively.

– Thoracic Drainage: Vacuum pumps are used in chest drainage systems to evacuate air or fluid from the pleural cavity, helping in the treatment of conditions such as pneumothorax or pleural effusion.

– Obstetrics and Gynecology: Vacuum pumps are employed in devices used for vacuum-assisted deliveries, such as vacuum extractors, to aid in the safe delivery of babies during childbirth.

6. Blood Collection and Processing:

Vacuum pumps are utilized in blood collection systems and blood processing equipment:

– Blood Collection Tubes: Vacuum pumps are responsible for creating the vacuum inside blood collection tubes, facilitating the collection of blood samples for diagnostic testing.

– Blood Separation and Centrifugation: In blood processing equipment, vacuum pumps assist in the separation of blood components, such as red blood cells, plasma, and platelets, for various medical procedures and treatments.

7. Medical Imaging:

Vacuum pumps are used in certain medical imaging techniques:

– Electron Microscopy: Electron microscopes, including scanning electron microscopes and transmission electron microscopes, require a vacuum environment for high-resolution imaging. Vacuum pumps are employed to maintain the necessary vacuum conditions within the microscope chambers.

These are just a few examples of the wide-ranging applications of vacuum pumps in the medical field. Their ability to create suction and controlled vacuum environments makes them indispensable in medical procedures, wound healing, laboratory processes, anesthesia, and various other medical applications.

China supplier Environmental Protection Centrifugal High Speed Vacuum Pump and Compressor for Farming Industry Pesticide Fertilizer Production Farming Machinery   with Great quality China supplier Environmental Protection Centrifugal High Speed Vacuum Pump and Compressor for Farming Industry Pesticide Fertilizer Production Farming Machinery   with Great quality
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Woodworking CNC Machinery CNC Router for Sale

Woodworking CNC Machinery CNC Router for Sale



1. Straightforward operation and installation, when shipping and delivery we will offer the video clips for coaching.


2. More constant and robust equipped bed framework with thick steel.


three. Outfitted with air cooling spindle, can be optional h2o cooling spindle, a lot more potent, sufficient to cut more thickness materials.


4.The handbook oiling lubricating technique, just pushing the handle then can understand the entire device oiling, extremely convenient.

five. Dust collector, helping to suck the dust, milling dust, maintaining the equipment clean.


six. Ncstudio handle program, can be optional DSP control program.


7.ZheJiang HIWIN sq. guide rail, higher precision and prolonged daily life time, rack and pinion transmission, large velocity.


8. Vacuum adsorption desk with five.5KW vacuum pump, it can adsorb the components on the table , much more steady when engraving wooden doors.


9.Operate of re-carving soon after break point and electricity off, lowering the supplies losing.


ten.Good software program compatibility, all varieties of CAD/CAM ,this sort of as Typ3 , ArtCam, Castmate, UcanCam,Artcut engraving software, Coredraw, and many others.







X,Y,Z axis doing work spot


Total composition

Welded Metal gantry structure

Desk surface area

vacuum table with five.5KW vacuum pump

X,Y,Z structure

ZheJiang HIWIN Square linear guidebook rail

X,Y composition

Rack and pinion transmission, large pace and far more stable

Y -double motor generate

Z framework

CZPTed ball screw, large precision

Max. idling velocity


Max. operating velocity


Repositioning Precision


X Y Z functioning Accuracy

< 0.02mm


3KW or four.5KW air cooling spindle(optional water)

Spindle rotating pace


Diameter of tools

Φ3.a hundred seventy five -Φ20

Accumulate dimension

ER twenty five

Procedure language

G code (plt, mmg, uoo, bmp)

Driving system

stepper motor

Operating technique

Ncstudio manage method or DSP control program

Doing work voltage

380V  three stage 50-60HZ

Computer software

UcancamV8 / Type3 / Artcam application (alternative)



one.Furniture decoration sector: huge area plate airplane carving, wooden carving and board sort furnishings carving. Strong wooden artwork mural, reliable wooden door, cupboard doorway sculpture.


2.Wood products processing: stitching machine desktop, electrical counter desktop, sports activities provides tools.


3.CZPT sector: 3d curved area, form reducing.

Sample photographs:

If you are intrigued in our device, welcome to contact with me

Woodworking CNC Machinery CNC Router for Sale

Full Automatic Italy Macaroni Pasta Equipment Saving Energy Macaroni Pasta Making Machinery

Full Automatic Italy Macaroni Pasta Equipment Saving Energy Macaroni Pasta Making Machinery

Total CZPT Italy Macaroni Pasta tools Saving CZPT Macaroni Pasta Creating CZPTry

Short introduction :

Foodstuff uncooked materials: Flour, rice flour, rice flour,cassava flour,starch, grains, and so forth


Treats: Making Shell sort crisp, straight macaronistyle pasta,tremella kind crisp, penne,five-


pointed star crisp, butterfly form pasta,cat ear kind crisp, lantern variety crisp, peanut kind


snack,large and tiny hollow pipe kind snack and so on.

Pasta: Producing Hollow noodles , spiral macaroni, shells noodles,Tremella noodles, cat ear noodles,vegetables noodles and so on.



Put in electricity

True energy



MT-a hundred





MT-a hundred and twenty





Primary Characteristics : Full CZPT Italy Macaroni Pasta gear Conserving CZPT Macaroni Pasta Generating CZPTry

1. Uncooked materials: adopts wheat flour, corn flour as uncooked supplies

two. CZPT:CZPT Noodle Creating Chinese CZPT CZPT Pasta CZPT can be utilised to make various shapes of canine food by altering the moulds from extruder, Also, It can create pasta.

3. Potential: 100kg/h, 120kg/h

four. Circulation chart:Mixing method—Extrusion method—Drying system— Packing technique

5. Voltage in China:A few phases: 380V/50Hz, One period: 220V/50Hz, we can make it according to customers’ Local voltage in accordance to different nations.



Thorough Pictures



one.primary motor :4.0kw
2.measurement: 1.2*.9*one.4m
3.Output: three.0kg-4.0kg/time
Mixer tends to make the uncooked content which incorporating water and liquid chemical additive entirely mixer equally . The machine mixers the flour and prepares them ready to be employed in the following step . 


Model: MT
CZPT: China
We can offer your distinct types extruder according to your targer capcity . With a very same extruder , you can generate different styles of foodstuff by altering various moulds .


Manufacturer: MT
CZPT: China
It is utilized for drying . The web belt managing pace can be controlled to change the foods drying time in the dryer . The temperature aslo can be controlled .


Firm data

MT CZPTry Co., Ltd.’s goods consist of double screw, solitary-screw extrusion equipment, automatic steady frying pot,snack foodstuff, pet foodstuff generation line production line,bugles crescent fish salad generation line, nutrition Rice noodles, fried noodles generation line manufacturing line,spiral shell generation line, the pet biting rubber-creation line, breakfast cereals, maize generation line,tissue protein manufacturing line, regenerated rice generation gear, tiny instantaneous noodles generation line. With the industry’s senior talent and engineering benefits of the elite, and the “pragmatic, progressive, enterprising, honest”company philosophy, “critical, lively, demanding, efficient”fashion of carrying out things, to provide high-top quality items to buyers.Business with strong specialized power, higher-quality products, realistic cost, perfect following sale-service, is prepared to sincerely cooperate with you, generate a better foreseeable future.



A. What is the pre-sale service of your firm?

Relevant machines’ complex parameter will be supplied to buyer.

one. According to customer’s manufacturing facility size, manufacturing unit format can be presented in progress.

two. According to customer’s materials value, general formulation can be well prepared well.

3. Special equipment can be equipped as customer’s request.

four. Skilled Guidance about Marketplace, equipment, processing , supplies, packing can be provided.

5. Suggesting skilled ship agent or supporting ebook ship as buyer request.

B. What’s the soon after-sale services of your organization?

one. Allocation chart as the buyer’s request will be supplied.

two. Operation guide will be equipped right after cargo.

3. One 12 months warrantee, life time servicing with expense price.

four. Cost-free straightforward damaged spare areas will be sent with container .

five. Very first set up can be accomplished by engineer.

6. Instruction staff in customer’s manufacturing facility.

C. If machines putting on components want modifying, what must we do?

We can offer you the donning elements all the time, and offer you video.

D. What’s the payment phrases if we want to buy the machines?

L/C, T/T thirty% down payment, 70% equilibrium prior to delivery.

E.How to speak to us?

Click “deliver” now!!!

Full Automatic Italy Macaroni Pasta Equipment Saving Energy Macaroni Pasta Making Machinery

PU Pipe Making Machine Pneumatic Tube Production Line Plastic Machinery Extruder

PU Pipe Making Machine Pneumatic Tube Production Line Plastic Machinery Extruder

PU PV TPU Pipe Tube Extruder CZPT

This equipment line applicable to the generating of all various sorts of higher precise and effective health care comfortable tubes, this sort of as perfusion established, infusion set, catheter tube, nasal tube, suction tube, trachea cannula, anaesthesia tube, oxygen tube, latex tube and PVC quick tube of disposable infusion apparatus and other health-related soft tube solution.
1,Specializing in plastic extrusion machinery and plastic auxiliary production.getting been identified for far more than 20 a long time.
2,With outstanding processing equipment and a crew of committed experts
3,Provides recipes from raw components, manufacturing operated processing operating employees training and so a complete assortment of companies.

Sort CZPT diameter(mm) L/D CZPT velocity (rpm) Creation(kg/h) Powder(KW)
SJ30 30 twenty five-33 seventeen-a hundred and twenty four-10 two.two-3
SJ35 35 twenty five-33 15-one hundred twenty five-15 three-5.five
SJ40 forty twenty five-33 fifteen-a hundred and ten seven-twenty five 5.5-7.5
SJ45 forty five twenty five-33 15-110 twelve-35 seven.5-eleven
SJ50 50 25-33 twelve-one hundred 20-fifty fifteen-22
SJ65 65 25-33 8-ninety forty-130 22-45

CZPT photographs for reference:

Organization Info:
HangZhou PLASTAR CZPTry Co., Ltd. is a specialist business specializing in the layout and manufacture of plastic equipment, this kind of as single screw extruders, conical twin screw extruders, PVC, PE, PP and PP-R pipe extruders, PVC and PE profile extruders, PVC and PE recycling equipment, crushing, washing and pelleting machines, conveying and mixing devices for all types of plastics and other types of auxiliary equipment in the area. 
Our company is well identified each at house and overseas for large quality products and full provider techniques. Our items offer nicely all in excess of the planet. 
If you are intrigued in any of our items, you should really feel free to contact us for more information.

PU Pipe Making Machine Pneumatic Tube Production Line Plastic Machinery Extruder

Commercial Instant Noodle Machinery Instant Fried Noodles Making Maggie Machine Instant Noodle

Commercial Instant Noodle Machinery Instant Fried Noodles Making Maggie Machine Instant Noodle

CZPT immediate noodle machinery/quick fried noodles producing/maggie machine instantaneous noodle


CZPT quick noodle equipment/quick fried noodles creating/maggie equipment instant noodle, with best engineering,compact composition,CZPT layout and stable performance,is designed on the foundation of like produces and needs in the entire world market,it realizes large automation , practical operation,reduced vitality and modest floor place ,that assures all functioning procedures from feeding flour to concluded goods can be attained once.

The investment for this line is only one tenth of that large size products,specifically ideal to little-dimension or self-owned enterprises,the corrugated instantaneous noodle developed by this line tenacious,sleek and clear,it is very straightforward to be saturated by drinking water.

Product parameters

Model XBF-III CZPTtrical instant noodles line  XBF-III Steam instant noodles line
Installed capacity 154kw four.2kw
Steam pressure 1.5kg/cm² 6kg/cm²
Acting width   210mm 210mm
Output 11000pcs/8h 11000pcs/8h
Size 23000*a hundred and fifty 0571 00mm 23000*1600*1800mm


1. High quality Mini fried instant noodle making machine with perfect technology, compact structure, CZPT design and stable performance, is developed on the basis of advanced products and requirements in the world market.

2. The Mini fried instant noodle making machine realizes high automation, convenient operation, low energy and small floor space, which assures all working procedures from feeding flour to finished products can be accomplished once.

3. The investment on the Mini fried chips making machine is only one tenth of that larger size equipment, especially suitable to small-size or self-owned enterprises.


Inside plastic bag, outside wooden case for Mini fried chips making machine (Based on the customers’ need adopt the wooden case or wooden pellets, etc.)
♥CZPT or metallic circumstance according to particular measurement of every gear, we twine thick plastic coating for each and every device. 

♥Tight the products in the truck with no room to make certain no rubbing in the course of the transportation.

Our Services

1.  Pre-sale services:

 Act as a good adviser and assistant of clients, enable them to get rich and generous returns on their investments.  

1.. Select equipment model  

2.. Design and manufacture products according to clients’ special requirement

3.. Train technical personnel for clients. 

2.  Services during the sale:

Respect clients, devote ourselves to improving the total value of clients.  

1.. Pre-check and accept products ahead of delivery  

2.. Help clients to draft solving plans.  

three. After-sale services:

Provide considerate services to minimize clients’ worries.  

one.. Assist clients to prepare for the first construction scheme  

2.. Install and debug the equipment  

3.. Train the first-line operators

four.. Examine the equipment

five.. Take initiative to eliminate the troubles rapidly

6.. Provide perfect service

seven.. Provide technical exchanging.

Buyers occur to the manufacturing facility

Engineers go overseas for commissioning

Our company 
Our firm(MT CZPTry Co., Ltd.’s )has good knowledge of the sector advancement. We have effectively-seasoned supervisors,fantastic engineers as well as effectively-trained specialized workers. By continuous technological exchange with effectively-acknowledged companies of the very same line in the world and also by introduction of superior method and experience into our firm, we have set up a sturdy specialized guarantee system. Our company is a maker of puffed extruder and foodstuff equipment.
Our goods are sold extremely well through China and are also introduced to CZPT Asia, CZPT CZPTe, Africa and other regions.Our marketplace share is rising every calendar year.

Our factory

Our staff

Our qualifications


1. Q: Are you a manufacturing facility or investing firm?

A: We are a manufacturing facility.

2. Q: What certification do you have?
A: We have ISO and CE certification.

three. Q: How prolonged is the warranty interval?
A: All of our products have a single yr guarantee.
4. Q: What’s the principal marketplace of your firm?
A: We have customers all above the entire world.

five. Q: How considerably generation capacity of your company a single calendar year?
A: This is dependent on your demands.

6. Q: In which is your manufacturing facility situated? How can we go to there?
A: No45 5 stree ,xinsha CZPT Center ,Xihu (West Lake) Dis. ,HangZhou ,ZheJiang  
. We offer you transportation provider


Commercial Instant Noodle Machinery Instant Fried Noodles Making Maggie Machine Instant Noodle

Crane Manufacturer Construction Machinery 3.2 Ton Telescopic Boom Truck Crane

Crane Manufacturer Construction Machinery 3.2 Ton Telescopic Boom Truck Crane


Portion one—–Merchandise Information
Picture show

CZPT info

Design # SQ3.2S3 /telescopic  crane 3.2ton at two.5m
Max CZPTmoment 80Kn.m
Max CZPT Capacity (kg/m) 3200/two.5
four hundred/7.4
Max CZPT Height 10m
Functioning Radius 7.4m
Growth Area three levels
Rotation Angle 360°All Rotaion
Functioning Strain 16mpa
Rated Oil Circulation thirty L/min
Oiltank Ability 100L
Winchtype CZPT
Swingtype Planetary equipment reduction.
Outrigger adjustable, CZPT running.
Outrigger Span 1750-3550mm
CZPT Weight 1500 kg
Installation Place 800mm
Security Unit Load Indicator, CZPT Protection Valve, Counter Equilibrium Valve, CZPT Swing Brake, Hook Safety Device.
Substance HG70


Truck for reference
Truck brand CZPT (other truck brand CZPT)
Cabin  Driving variety: 4×2, Remaining hand drive (Appropriate hand generate kind CZPT)
Color is optional
Vehicle Major Proportions General dimension (L x W x H) 8535,9000x2500x3650 mm
Wheel foundation 5100 mm
Cargo Human body 5600x2300x500 mm
Bodyweight in KGS GVW 15800 kg
Tare fat 12380 kg
Front axle loading ability 5000 kg
Rear axles loading ability 10000 kg
Engine  Kind Diesel, four-stroke direct injection, 6-cylinder in-line with h2o cooling, turbo-charging and inter-cooling
Horse Energy 180HP (132kw)
Max Torque 650N.m
Emission CZPT Euro V
Max Speed 90 km/h
Gearbox manual gearbox with 8 forwards & 2 reverses, with PTO
Tire  ten.00R20 tubeless tire, 7 pieces which includes a single spare tire

Our rewards:
1.The material of truck mounted crane is employed HG70 worldwide CZPT large-power metal to lessen the excess weight of crane.
2.The growth of the knuckle growth crane is utilized hexagonal framework,minimizing the lateral.
3. The harmony valve,hydraulic lock,operated valve,hydraulic pump and other main elements of truck mounted crane to make sure the micro-mobility,protection and security is Italian brand 
four.Our oil seal and gasket for hydraulic pump of truck mounted crane is  Parker brand name
5.The distant management function of truck mounted crane is Sweden Manufacturer scanreco.  
6. Truck crane ,also called crane truck ,truck cranes,loader crane,lorry crane,hydraulic truck mounted crane,truck with crane ,truck mounted crane ,truck with telescopic boom crane ,truck with folding arm crane ,telescopic boom truck mounted crane,knuckle increase truck mounted crane,truck with knucle crane ,truck with hydraulic crane ,mobile crane truck ,boom truck crane,crane,cranes,truck cranes and so on .Our producer primarily wants to market a large number of telescopic increase truck cranes and folding growth truck cranes. The straight arm lifting capability is primarily 3.2 tons, 4 tons, 5 tons, 6.three tons, 8 tons, 10 tons, twelve tons, 14 tons, 16 tons the knuckle growth crane can give three.two to three hundred tons. Truck cranes are also called truck-mounted cranes. It can consist of two sorts of knuckle increase cranes and telescopic cranes. We are a one-cease manufacturer of truck-mounted cranes in the factory, which can provide inexpensive cranes.

Element two—–OUR Business

ZheJiang Ideal CRANE CO.,Ltd is located in the central China in ZheJiang CZPT.We are a professional truck mounted crane manufacture, mainly engaged in exploring, developing and producing truck mounted cranes from 1 ton to two hundred tons.
The Organization has handed the ISO 9001-2008, and reached the license of Special CZPT CZPT Device.

ZheJiang CRANE is a wholly-owned subsidiary of ZheJiang XIHU (WEST LAKE) DIS.NG CZPTLOGY CO.,LTD,which is formerly identified as China CZPT hydraulic cylinder manufacture. The Head business office XIHU (WEST LAKE) DIS.NG was founed in 2001,the main goods include  a selection of particular hydraulic cylinder.

Following many years advancement,XIHU (WEST LAKE) DIS.NG now covers an region of 200,000 Sq. meters, ownes a registered money of one thousand million RMB,and 250 million RMB really worth of set belongings .XIHU (WEST LAKE) DIS.NG has set up lengthy time cooperation with above 80 massive companies like Zoomlion, Fukuda Fortaleza, CIMC Motor vehicle Group, and so on. 

Our organization have a lot more than 800 models tools for mass production.
We can product close to 220 thround models for every yr of hydraulic cylinder and 500 models for each 12 months of truck crane.
Our business have more than one hundred fifty technical employees, Have much more than ten creation patents and sixty utility patents.
So we can produce custiomed items or build new goods.

Element three—–EXHIBITION

Our organization show up at the CANTON Honest in China 2 times a single calendar year considering that 2014.
And also go to the BAUWA Reasonable evevry two yr. 
We also coopearate with our customers for many reasonable both in China or overseas.

Element four—–FAQ
one: What sort terms of payment can be acknowledged?
A: For terms of payment, L/C, T/T, D/A, D/P, CZPT CZPT (can be) could acknowledged
2: How to pack and transportation?
A: Nude with safty defense, only crane can be packed into containers for cargo.
     And the truck mounted crane can be deliveried with ro-ro ship.
three: How lengthy is the delivery time??
A: 35 times following getting the deposit.
four: What about the guarantee time?
A: twelve months soon after shipment or 2000 doing work hours, whichever occuts 1st.
five. What about the Least Get Quantity?
A: one device. For CZPT items, the MOQ can be Negotiated.

Crane Manufacturer Construction Machinery 3.2 Ton Telescopic Boom Truck Crane

Pmhp90 Pmhm90 Pmhp100 Pmhm100 Hydraulic Piston Pump for Construction Machinery

Pmhp90 Pmhm90 Pmhp100 Pmhm100 Hydraulic Piston Pump for Construction Machinery

Our Advantage
1. There are tons of offered sequence hydraulic pump in inventory.
2. We are expert supplier of hydraulics.
3. Our manufacturing facility has a lot more than 10 a long time exprience in hydraulic industry.
4. We can supply quickly logistics providers
Related CZPT

Applied for



Payment time period:

1. T/T: thirty% deposit by T/T, 70% stability by T/T before cargo

2. L/C at sight

CZPT term: EXW or FOB HangZhou/ZheJiang

Packing particulars:

CZPT Model, CZPT or Customer’s demands packing 

CZPT carton or very same as the Customer’s needs, export CZPT carton

All cartons ought to be packed into the pallets much more meticulously.

All of the productions are inspected carefully 1 by one particular by QC ahead of delivery.

Supply time:

We have enormous amount of stock for full pumps, motor and some pare pats, 
so the leading time is within 3days if have in stock. 
If haven’t, in 5days if the amount is much less than 50pcs. 
It relies upon on the amount requested.

Min. Buy:
If the product is in frequent or the manufacturing are in our inventory warehouse, 
No MOQ for stocking production.Greater amount, cost will be more favorable.

Deliever Way:

By courier, like the DHL, UPS, Fedex,and so forth. It truly is doorway to doorway or barn to the doorway,
generally five-7 days to arrive.

By air to air port, usually three-five days to get there

By sea to sea port, normally 20-thirty days to arrive.

If your deliever time is very urgent, we suggest that you decide on by courier or air.

If not, it really is extremely low-cost to by sea.

Contact US


Pmhp90 Pmhm90 Pmhp100 Pmhm100 Hydraulic Piston Pump for Construction Machinery

Lubrication Pump for Concrete Machinery

Lubrication Pump for Concrete Machinery

We, CZPTng team can supply full set of concrete pump spare areas: use pla
te and chopping ring, s pipe, s valve assy, shipping and delivery cylinder, delivery piston, shipping and delivery pipe, elbow, taper bend, clamp coupling, rubber hose, filter component, seal kits, equipment pump, drinking water pump, remote manage, hydraulic pumps and so forth.


Related Concrete Spare Areas

Our Factory 

Business Certificates 

Firm Profile

HangZhou CZPTng Material Co., Ltd, started company since 1991, and was formally established as a registered firm in 2002, with five.3million RMB registered funds.

Before 2015, CZPTng focused on the domestic market, and is a qualified supplier of CZPTlu group and XEMC in the navy and mechanical merchandise.

In 2015, CZPTng established up the worldwide advertising and marketing office, specializing in exporting concrete building machinery, mining Roadheaders, and the relevant spare elements and accessories. With producing bases in CZPTg, HangZhou and HangZhou cities.

CZPTng owns branches “Cahi “in Kiev Ukraine, and “Speedlane CZPT Minimal” abroad business. Mostly export to Pakistan, Ukraine, Russia, and other EU nations and CZPT Asian international locations beneath our possess makes “Speedlane” and ” CZPTNG”.

CZPTng has obtained the CE certificate, and Ukraine’s Coal CZPT Security certificate and authorization. Cooperated with Ukraine premier power business, DTEK team, the globe prime five hundred, and recognized a long term and helpful partnership.


Lubrication Pump for Concrete Machinery

A2FO500 60L-VPH11 Rexroth hydraulic pump for construction machinery A2FO Series made in China

A2FO500 60L-VPH11 Rexroth hydraulic pump for construction machinery A2FO Series made in China

 CZPT A2FO series hydraulic piston pump

Axial piston device of bent axis design and style with fixed displacement,for use as possibly pump or motor in hydrostatic drives,in open or shut circuit.
if operated as a pump,the circulation is proportional to the generate pace and displacement.
if operated as a motor,the output velocity is proportional to the swept quantity and inversely proportional to displacement.
The output torque will increase with the force drop among the higher and reduced force sides.

About us

   HangZhou CZPT CZPT CZPT Co., Ltd is a skilled organization integrated with hydraulic product manufacture, trade and specialized support. We target on very good high quality, better services, sensible price tag and offer comprehensive solution like free maintenance suggestion and expert. We provide worldwide brand name hydraulic merchandise these kinds of as Bosch CZPT, Sauer,CZPT, Vikers, Cater, CZPT, Linde, Eaton, Komatsu and etc. We exoported to a lot more than a hundred and ten customers in 89 international locations such as CZPTica, Canada, Mexico, Peru, Russia, Czeck, Slovakia, Moroco, Gana, Thailand, India and etc.
   Culture: Get have faith in of clients and serve based mostly on morality, Focus on top quality to reward consumers.
    Primary products are globle and Chinese brand name hydraulic primary pump, synchronous shunt motor, valve and and so forth.. We give most of hydraulic solution to construction equipment, agricultural equipment, power vegetation, coking crops, chemical plants, marine equipment, port equipment, oil subject equipment, coal mining machinery, weighty machinery processing plant and and so forth..  in which the certain tools includes concrete mixer truck, underground scraper, grain merge harvester, high floor clearance spraying device, concrete pump truck, highway roller, paver, rotary drilling rig, commercial garden vehicle, hand roller, little driving roller, Tiny transportation truck, minitype sweeper, mini slip loader, winch equipment and all kinds of gear below 2 tons capability with continually variable speed driving methods.


Q: Are you investing firm or company ?
A: We are manufacture and buying and selling company .
Q: What is your primary application
 A: one.CZPT system
      two.Agriculture equipment
      3.CZPT equipment
      five.Local distributors

Q: How prolonged is your shipping time?
A: CZPTly it is 5-ten days if the merchandise are in stock. or it is 15-20 days if the products are not in inventory, it is according to amount.

Q: What is your terms of payment?
 A: Payment<=1000USD,100% in advance,
      Payment>1000USD,one hundred% in advance or thirty%T/T in progress,stability just before shipping.

Q: Do you have any ensure on the good quality of your valves?
A: As extended as the pumps&motors are from HangZhou CZPT , we assure that the quality assurance period of time is a single calendar year. If the goods have any issue on high quality inside this period, we all give warranty service. If they have been installed, we will give specialized staff to assist solve the issue.

Q:If we have a massive quantity of pumps&motors, can you give us a price cut?
A: We give unified wholesale value to customers. No subject you acquire a single or hundreds of pumps&motors, we try out our best to give you advantage, simply because we want to build lengthy-term cooperation relationship with you.

A2FO500 60L-VPH11 Rexroth hydraulic pump for construction machinery A2FO Series made in China