Marine Vertical Main Engine Lub Oil Pump for Shipyard

Marine Vertical Main Engine Lub Oil Pump for Shipyard

China Huanggong CZPTry Group Co&time period&commaLtd&interval
———Professional in pump sector for in excess of 35 a long time&interval

Brief introduction  
Huanggong CZPTry Team Twin screw pump 2HM4200-67 for HFO transfer

 Using assortment
Twin-screw pump can transfer different non-reliable contained fluid medium or incredibly substantial viscosity medium&interval They have wide availability and higher reliability for lubricating or non lubricating medium&comma for corrosive medium or fuel-liquid mixture&time period

Requirements FOR 2W&comma2HE&comma2HM Collection TWIN SCREW PUMP
2HM Collection
acquire screw pump
Capability m3&solh Max&colon 2500
Force&solHead bar Max&colon twenty five
Viscosity cst &period5-one hundred&comma00
Speed rpm 750-1500
Temperature OC -20-a hundred and twenty
Mounting Vertical&solHorizontal
Seal Mechenical Seal

Medium&colon Different lubricating oil and gas oil

Certification&colon ISO9001&colon 2000&comma CE&comma CCS&comma BV&comma NK&comma KR&comma Abdominal muscles&comma RINA&comma GL&comma and so on&time period
CZPT&colon Horizontal&comma vertical&comma moveable composition&comma heating chamber
Protection&colon Explosion-defense&comma water-safety&comma basic safety valve&comma alarming sensor&time period

Product Feature
Large flux
Minimal sound
Prolonged support lifestyle

Other Information
Our pumps&lparmainly twin-screw pumps&rparand techniques are the excellent remedy for tanker terminals&comma oil generation and processing&period The places are the industrial&comma petrochemical&comma marine and shipbuilding as effectively as the food and pharmaceutical industries&period You can inquire us for all pertinent complex information&comma overall performance information&comma styles&comma choices&comma principle&comma application positive aspects and&comma last but not least&comma software places for the respective pump&time period

2W2-twelve&comma2W2-eighteen&comma2W2-24&comma2W2-36&comma2W2-forty eight
2W3-20&comma2W3-28&comma2W3-forty&comma2W3-fifty six
2W6-38&comma2W6-fifty&comma2W6-seventy five&comma2W6-96
2W7-forty three&comma2W7-fifty six&comma2W7-eighty five&comma2W7-112
2W8-fifty&comma2W8-67&comma2W8-one hundred&comma2W8-128
2W9-80&comma2W9-a hundred&comma2W9-128&comma2W9-a hundred and fifty
2W10-eighty&comma2W10-a hundred&comma2W10-128&comma2W10-one hundred fifty
2W11-128&comma2W11-one hundred sixty&comma2W11-176&comma2W11-192&comma2W11-250
2HM Sequence
2HM280-20&comma2HM280-28&comma2HM280-40&comma2HM280-fifty six
2HM1400-38&comma2HM1400-fifty&comma2HM1400-75&comma2HM1400-ninety six
2HM2500-forty three&comma2HM2500-56&comma2HM2500-85&comma2HM2500-112
2HM4200-50&comma2HM4200-67&comma2HM4200-a hundred&comma2HM4200-128
2HM7000-80&comma2HM7000-one hundred&comma2HM7000-128&comma2HM7000-150
2HM9800-80&comma2HM9800-a hundred&comma2HM9800-128&comma2HM9800-a hundred and fifty
2HM9800-one hundred forty four&comma2HM9800-one hundred sixty

Following sale provider
In warranty time period&comma for non-synthetic top quality issue&comma we will mend and replace spare elements for cost-free&period of time Except for typical use and tear of areas&interval

We can supply all sort of pump
centrifugal pump
screw pump
vortex pump
equipment pump
diaphragm pump
hand pump
maritime hydraulic deep properly cargo pump
marine electrical deep nicely cargo pump
marine bulkhead seal
marine tank washing equipment

Marine Vertical Main Engine Lub Oil Pump for Shipyard