Hard Capsule Filling Machine

Hard Capsule Filling Machine

Sinoped Semi-car CGN-208D Capsule Filling CZPT


Item Application:
CGN-208D2 CZPT quality semi-computerized capsule filling equipment for herb powder and tough gelatin capsules, which is suited for medium and little pharmaceutical manufacturing facility, medical center planning lab, and so on. The machine is adopted programmable handle technique, touch panel procedure, phase-considerably less transudation pace-shift, and electronic computerized counter. It can automatic full the motion of placement, separation, filling, locking, etc. The dosage is accurate, and the operation is hassle-free. The total equipment is created of stainless metal, and it is suitable for the capsule which is stuffed with electrical power and grain.

This Capsule-Filling CZPT is a new kind of drugs filling machine with novel framework and eye-catching physical appearance. Beneath both electrical and pneumatic management and geared up with and automated electronic counter and pc-controlled velocity-changing gadget, the equipment can accomplish the positioning, separation and locking and so on. of capsules. In place of handbook capsule-filling, it can lessen labor intensity and elevate productiveness. Its filling quantities are correct and up to sanitary CZPTs for pharmaceutics.

The equipment is composed of capsule-feeding, U-turning and separating mechanism, substance medication-filling system, locking device, digital pace various and altering system, electrical and pneumatic control system defense device as well as equipment such as vacuum pump and air pump. With computerized locking capsules and computerized discharging purpose.

China device-created capsules or the imported are relevant to this device, with which the finished product qualification fee can be earlier mentioned 98%.


Item Semi computerized capsule capsule filling device handbook value
Productiveness one-25,000 granules/h
Relevant capsules 00# #, one#, two#, 3#, four#,5#
Stuffed medicine type  Not adhesive or moist powders and modest granules
Total power 2.12Kw
Air force .03m3/min, .7MPa
Vacuum pump evacuating price: 40m3/h
Exterior dimensions 1500*780*1800mm (L*W*H)
Excess weight 330Kg 

Main Functions:
one) CGN-208D1 CZPT quality semi-computerized capsule filling device is managed by step-much less frequency conversion and pneumatic system, and adopts digital counter.

two)CGN-208D1 CZPT quality semi-automatic capsule filling machine can complete position, separation, filling, locking of capsule, and reduce the labor depth and improve functioning effectiveness.


Hard Capsule Filling Machine