Gjb1000-25 1000L H Ice Cream Homogenizer

Gjb1000-25 1000L H Ice Cream Homogenizer

GJB1000-twenty five 1000L/H Ice Product Homogenizer

Product Specifications:

Identify small homogenizer
sort GJB1000-twenty five
Rated stream(l/h) 1000
Rated stress(MPa) 25
Working stress(MPa) -20
Weight ( kg) seven hundred
Size (cm) 100X75X110
Power (Kw) 7.5 

Description :
Pressure by means of an adjustable recent-limiting hole process, the development of loss of pressure expansion, explosion, shear, combined effect of substantial-pace collision, the particles and liquid droplets shatter into really tiny size, while generating an best remedy or dispersion of emulsion.  Merchandise steadiness, regularity, combined, and easy absorption, nutritional value, shelf existence, flavor, coloration, protection pursuits are understood in the homogeneous method.

It is extensively used in foods, dairy, beverage, pharmaceutical, good chemicals and bio-technologies and other fields of generation, scientific research and technological advancement.
1)For milk,soybean milk,could make body fat globule slender observably,make it effortless to assimilate.It is very good to improve the edible price.
2)For ice product,make the liquid fine and loosen and boost interior top quality.
3)For emulsion,colloid,juice,serosity,could steer clear of and lessen the divided levels of liquid substance,increase the appearance of liquid materials,and make it identical coloury liquid.
four)As transportation pump use
It will appear into large strain by our device.Powder will be created by dryness tools.Our machine is critical method of manufactorying powder.

one)Minimal sounds:Sound of transmission is reduce than sounds of motor. The pointer of stress meter is constant, and also the selection of swing of pointer is less than 2M Pa.
two)Smashing granularity is in between .1 micron to .2 micron, and their regular size≤1 micron.
three)CZPT material can operate underneath considerably less than a hundred and fiftyºC, and the parts touching substance is made of stainless steel which can continue to be up to the acid and alkali. All of valves and plungers are produced of specific content, so they are resilient and low-cost. The bearing is also sturdy simply because it is produced of unique alloy content, which is the a lot more friction, the more hardness.
four)CZPT of  homogenizers is credible, and it only require shifting oil the 1st time when work 800 hrs to 1000 several hours, because then it need to be modified oil per yr later on
5)The greater the force the finer the material the a lot more uniform particle size, 30MPA the pursuing types, mostly for liquid – liquid emulsification. Force of 30MPA previously mentioned, on the liquid – strong dispersion of liquid into engage in when the strain most of the materials up to 60MPA reach 2μm particle dimension much less than when the materials reaches 80MPA far more evident when the role is mainly utilised for ultrafine particles broken CZPT to attain the subsequent standard 1μm. As to 100MPA above, can be created far more refined particles, some of the material particles soon after recurring large stress homogenization, .one-.5μm can be ready the adhering to no-grain components.

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Gjb1000-25 1000L H Ice Cream Homogenizer