Gasoline and Electric Vacuum Pump-Typed Mobile Milking Machine for Cows

Gasoline and Electric Vacuum Pump-Typed Mobile Milking Machine for Cows

Vacuum Pump-typed CZPT Mobile Milking CZPT description

ltem Product YDH-I Sort YD-I
Working Vacuum Diploma .04-.05MPa(adjustable)
Pulsation Instances 60-80 times for each minute
Pulsation Rate 60/40
Energy Fitted .75KW
Gasoline Engine Standard KW Electrical power and CZPT Speed 1.3/one.five/2.five/
Voltage 110V, 220V, 240Vor380V
The Number of Milking Cattle For every Hour ten-12 cows for each hour
Vacuum Pump Ability(L/min) 200/250
Motor Speed 1440rpm for every minute
The Amount of CZPT Steel Milk Bucket one particular(potential of 25kg)
Workers Required When Milking 1
The Variety of Milking Cup Group a single set

Vacuum Pump-typed CZPT Cellular Milking CZPT specifics
In accordance to the variety of barrels used,Vacuum pump-typed CZPT Cellular Milking CZPT can be divided into two types, they are One-barrel Type (Variety YZ-1) and Double-barrel Type Sort YZ-l1) .Vacuum pump, electrc motor,Pulsator,HangZhou tube,milking cup group and milk bucket are built-in in a vehicle.With movable procedure,currently being convenient and flexible,and with no room is suited for all varieties of dairy farms and personal households.Based on the CZPT model,and by combining with the functional needsof our clients,our company produced this solution following the researchand style by specialists,lt attributes special style,effortless procedure, easymaintenance,stable vacuum stable,minimal noise,stalbe pulsating frequency,little vacuum fluctuations,and delicate milking front and rear in turnmor the protecting influence so that can increase the yield.So,only one particular operator will bequalified for the equipment operation and servicing.

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Q1: What is the guarantee for this equipment?
A1: 1 year for free of charge.

Q2: What kind of material is this machine manufactured of ?
A2: CZPT steel.

Q3: When can I get the cost?
A3: Inside 24 hours. If urgent, please directly call us.

This autumn: Can the price tag be a lot reduce?
A4: Our MOQ is the really affordable value for 1 set, but with massive get, we can utilize to our Supervisor to give a correct discount.

Q5: Do you provide oversea installation?
A5: We are going to send out expert set up engineer to help you put in the tools, as properly as practice your workers freely.


Gasoline and Electric Vacuum Pump-Typed Mobile Milking Machine for Cows