Factory Original Concrete Pump with Mixer All in One Machine with Competitive Prices

Factory Original Concrete Pump with Mixer All in One Machine with Competitive Prices

Concrete Pump with Concrete Mixer In 1 CZPT for sale  is the latest goods patented by our company, it is blended by thetraditional concrete pump and the mixer collectively, it is the most suitable for usein 4 to six flooring structures,specially in the group buildings, bridges, and the distribute of little construction sits the place want theconcrete mixer at the scene.

Concrete mixer with pump into a single human body, straightforward to run, easy to move, flexible, and steady overall performance. The pump building procedure technique utilized in all automated, all material mixing, high stress pumping as one Double cylinder hydraulic pumping system, hydraulic system drastically increase the the stirring Concrete pump total trustworthiness make sure pump strive foolproof operate under severe conditions.

CZPT Parameters :

Diesel Design: DJBT40-eleven-fifty six Concrete Mixer with Pump:

Merchandise Unit Parameter
Concrete pump
and mixer
Max. theoretic concrete supply volume m³/h 40
Max. theoretic delivery pressure MPa eleven
Max. shipping and delivery frequency occasions/min 26
Variety of distribution valve   S tube valve
Principal oil cylinder specification: cylinder dia./role dia.× stroke Mm Φ100×700
Diameter of delivery cylinder Mm Φ180×700
Hopper capacity L 600
Discharging top Mm 1070
Output opening diameter Mm one hundred fifty
CZPT within diameter Mm one hundred twenty five
Mixing drum L 450L
Power system Rated electrical power of pumping  diesel engine KW 56 (LOVOL 1004-4)
Revolution r/min 2200
Hydralic technique Type of CZPT oil circuit   Open up circuit
Maximum oil strain of primary program MPa 28
Max. mixing speed r/min 42
CZPT oil tank volume L 420
Other parameters Higher and lower pressure change   Equipped
Procedure-control electric lubricating program   Geared up
Concrete slump variety mm eighty~two hundred
Allowed pumping maximum aggregate measurement
(CZPT concrete)
  Pebble 50mm
rubble 40mm
Dimensions (L × W × H) mm 4960×2050×2800mm
Max. delivery distance
horizontal 560m
vertical 160m
Fat Kg 5000
  Towing pace Km/h ≤8

CZPTtric Product: DJBT40-11-56 Concrete Mixer with Pump:

Item Device JBT40
Pumping program Theoretic output m³/h 40
  Theoretic outlet stress Mpa 11
  Theoretic supply top m a hundred and fifty
  Theoretic shipping and delivery distance m 450
  Pumping frequency /min
  Distribution valve   S
S pipe valve
  Concrete cylinder spec.
(inner dia. x stroke)
mm Φ180×1000
  Oil cylinder spec.
(outer dia. x inner dia. x stroke)
mm Φ100×1000
  Outlet diameter mm Φ150
  Shipping pipe internal diameter mm Φ125
  Hopper quantity L 600
  Rated voltage V ~380
  Main motor energy Kw forty five
  CZPT circuit kind   open
  Main program max. oil strain MPa 32
  Distributing system stress MPa 20
  Mixing system oil pressure MPa twelve
  Max. Mixing pace r/min 30
  Oil tank quantity L two hundred
  Max. aggregate diameter mm Pebble40 mm
Rubble 30mm
  Concrete slump scope mm fifteen-20
Outer dimension
mm 5112×2091×2800
  Excess weight Kg 4800
Mixing system Mixing volume per time m³/
.forty five
  Mixing volume per hour m³/h twenty
  Mixing motor electricity Kw 4×2=eight
  CZPT motor energy Kw 4.5
  H2o pump electrical power Kw .55
  Vibrating motor energy Kw .five

Saintyol DAWIN Concrete pump with Mixer Functions:

The perfect combination of mixing and pumping, it truly is a a single new equipment gathering function of lifting gravel substance, mixing, and pumping, the whole method concluded by an operator, important will save in labor expenses, at the very least will save three-4 title labors for the construction, and performance can be elevated 4-6 times

Conveniently and flexibly relocating, very suited for taking away between the multi-site perform.

Higher output stress, can satisfy higher-increase buildings and the constructions of extended-distance transport demands.

Implement for sophisticated S valve to change path, far better satisfy to transfer the wonderful mixture concrete. 

Have Suction pumping purpose to decrease pipe blockage.

CZPTtrical portion adopts PLC management, with the very best dealing with attributes.

Glasses plate and reducing ring with substantial hardness dress in-resistant alloy substance and for a longer time life.

With computerized centralized lubrication system, tremendously extending the life of rotating elements.

CZPT cooling using sophisticated air-cooling system, no require water, simple to use.

Friction between the rollers by a gear wheel, reliable non-skid.

CZPTtric cupboard geared up with a wireless remote manage handle, straightforward to operate.

Saintyol DAWIN CZPTry Concrete Pump With Mixer Primary Elements:


Deal & CZPT :


Q: How numerous sorts of trailer concrete pumps you have? 
A: We have all kinds of concrete pumps this kind of as tiny designs with capacity 20, twenty five, thirty, 40m3/h, medium types with potential 40, 50m3/h, massive versions with potential 60, 80m3/h. 

Q: Do you have concrete placing booms that could be operating with each other with concrete pump? 
A: Of course, We have below sequence. 
one: 13/fifteen/17m Guide CZPT Spider Concrete Placing Booms
2: thirteen/fifteen/17Mobile CZPT Spider Concrete Inserting Booms
three: 29/33m Flooring Climbing Variety and Elevator Properly Shaft Climbing Concrete Placing Booms (Tubular Column)
4: 21/24/28/32 Elevator Nicely Shaft Climbing Concrete Positioning Booms (Mast Area)

Q: What is the configuration? 
A: For exporting, most of the elements are entire world CZPT prime brand names such as LOVOL, DEUTZ, Siemens, CZPT, CZPT, Schneider, Omron, LG, Eaton, Manuli, Parker and so forth. The configuration could be CZPT according to client’s needs. 

Q: Is engineer offered for coaching and following revenue service? 
A: Of course, our oversea engineers staff are standing by for oversea services. Some engineers could converse English. 

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Factory Original Concrete Pump with Mixer All in One Machine with Competitive Prices