Ay Horizontal Petroleum Refining Petrochemical Multistage Chemical Dosing Oil Pump

Ay Horizontal Petroleum Refining Petrochemical Multistage Chemical Dosing Oil Pump

AY,YY type Multi-stage centrifugal oil pump


AY ,YY variety multistage centrifugal pump sequence is made on the foundation of previous Y sort multistage centrifugal pump by introducing foreign innovative technology.It is to far better satisfy the needs of customers.To enhance reliability and strength conserving as the centre of the equipment, upgrading and improvement of new items.This series of items can be used in petroleum refining, petrochemical and chemical industry, transport does not incorporate solid particles of petroleum, liquefied petroleum gasoline and other flammable or poisonous substantial temperature and higher pressure liquid.Its features are:
All the bearing components adopt superior sliding bearing and axial thrust bearing.
The hydraulic stream factors undertake the hydraulic product of high-efficiency energy-conserving pump, whose efficiency is two-5% higher than that of y-kind pump on regular.
In purchase to preserve the inheritance, the structural type, installation measurement and efficiency parameters of AY and YY variety oil pump are essentially the identical as those of Y type oil pump.
Parts and elements are very adaptable.
In accordance to distinct conditions of use, the primary components are produced of course II and III components, and the bearing and other components are created of forged steel and solid iron.For cold places, open – air use, CZPT and other materials to give convenient.

Performance range:

Capability(Q): 3-155m3/h
Head(H): 70-603m
Liquid temperature(T): 20-300ºC

Product :
fifty AY 35X7
fifty: suction diameter(mm)
A: first conversion
Y: centrifugal oil pump
35: solitary stage head
7: sequence

Pump structure:
AY and YY sort multistage centrifugal pump is of radial segmenting structure, and the suction section, the middle area and the discharge section are related into a complete by way of the bar.Pump rotor is mounted on the shaft impeller, balance disk (drum) and other parts.The axial force is balanced by stability disc, equilibrium drum and thrust bearing.
Bearings: radial bearings undertake centripetal ball bearings or sliding bearings, and thrust bearings adopt centripetal thrust ball bearings.Thrust bearings are utilized to equilibrium residual axial forces.
Shaft seal: packing seal or mechanical seal, in accordance to the demands of users.
Transmission: the pump is directly pushed by the prime mover by means of the versatile diaphragm coupling. From the prime mover, the pump rotates counterclockwise.

Piping technique:
CZPT drinking water is in accordance to the medium temperature and use requirements, the shaft seal cavity, bearing or pump help for cooling.The recommended water quantity for each pipe is .2-.5m3/h, and the force is .2-.3mpa.CZPT flushing is based on pump medium temperature and stress and other working conditions are distinct.The liquid sealing capability of every pump chamber is demonstrated in the table under (interior or exterior supply is appropriate).

Nominal seal diameter(mm) thirteen-forty seven forty eight-59 sixty-84 85-95 ninety six-133
Typical seal volume(m3/h) .eighteen .24 .36 .forty eight .sixty six

The pressure of the sealing fluid is generally increased than that of the sealing chamber, which is .07-.1mpa. If the conveying medium is effortlessly gasified, it ought to be increased than that of the gasification stress, which is .one hundred seventy five-.2MPa.The vapor pipeline is geared up when the temperature of the conveying medium decreases and crystals are separated out, and the force is about .1MPa.

Structural drawing of AY type multi-phase oil pump



1 2 three 4 five 6 7 8
Rotor part Bearing portion CZPT seal Suction phase Center stage diffuser Equilibrium pipe Center stage sealing ring
9 10 eleven twelve thirteen fourteen fifteen sixteen
Impeller sealing ring Discharge stage Balance sleeve Shaft seal Conclude go over poles Suction perform entire body  

one two three 4 five 6 7
Rotor portion Bearing part CZPT seal Suction stage Middle phase diffuser Center stage sealing ring
eight 9 10 11 twelve thirteen 14
Stability pipe Discharge phase Stability sleeve clamp Stability sleeve poles Impeller sealing ring Diffuser sealing ring

Material information:

Substance lessons II III
Liquid temperature -45ºC~300ºC -45ºC~300ºC
Parts title Casing(entire body and cover) ZG230-450 ZG1Cr13Ni
impeller ZG230-450 ZG1Cr13Ni
shaft 35MrMo 35MrMo
Casing sealing ring ZG1Cr13MoS ZG1Cr13MoS
Harmony disc(drum) ZG1Cr13NiMo ZG1Cr13NiMo
diffuser ZG230-450 ZG1Cr13Ni

Define drawing size:

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Ay Horizontal Petroleum Refining Petrochemical Multistage Chemical Dosing Oil Pump