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Indication of Model Numbers of EP-VRSF Speed Reducers

Descriptions of EP-VRSF Precision Planetary Reducer

EP-VRSF series precision planetary gear reducer is a kind of input flange in-line gearbox with a compact structure using high-quality die-casting aluminum alloy. Adopting the planetary transmission design principle, 1 sun gear and 3 planetary gears, small size, and large carrying capacity. EP-VRSF series precision planetary reducer has high positioning accuracy, which is comparable to the Japanese brand Xinbao. EP-VRSF reducer is dedicated to all brands of servo motors and stepper motors, with good adaptability.

Features of VRSF Precision Planetary Reducer

High rigidity and high strength
The gears of the EP-VRSF precision planetary gearbox are made of alloy steel nitrided hard tooth surface (HRC 60), which has excellent wear resistance and impact resistance.

High precision positioning
As a reducer, the EP-VRSF planetary gearbox can give full play to the power that determines the precise position, and the backlash is as low as 0.05°, which can give full play to the power.

Low noise and smooth operation
Helical gear design can withstand greater torque and instantaneous shock than ordinary spur gears. Helical gears help reduce vibration and noise.

light load
Due to the design of the helical gear, smooth rotation without pulsation is achieved, making the VRSF reducer with light load capacity and suitable for injection molding robots.


The EP-VRSF precision planetary speed reducer is widely used in printing machinery, packaging machinery, food machinery, pharmaceutical machinery and other industries, CNC machine tools, machine tool transformation, packaging machinery, and military industry, such as the injection robot.

How to install EP-VRSF Planetary Gearbox

1. Wipe the rust inhibitor and oil on the motor shaft.

2. Remove the rubber cap, rotating the shaft, and the head of the bolt is matched with the rubber cover hole. Check if it is loose

3. Gently insert the motor into the shaft (unobstructed and smooth insertion). Pay close attention to the fact that the motor cannot be inserted obliquely.

4. Install the motor on the reducer and tighten the bolts with the specified torque.

5. Use a torque wrench or the like to tighten the positioning bolts into the force shaft with the specified torque.

6. Press the rubber cap. The above is completed.

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Specification Table of EP-VRSF Planetary Gear Reducer