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China Best Sales CHINAMFG High Performance Silent Vacuum Food Packaging Machine Pump vacuum pump ac

Product Description

CHINAMFG High Performance Silent Vacuum Food Packaging Machine Pump

CHINAMFG micro diaphragm pumps and compressors are based on a simple principal, the circular power from the motor is converted into oscillating movement by an eccentric, which moves up and down its central point, this motion is then transferred to a diaphragm by means of a connecting rod, an elastic diaphragm, which in conjunction with an inlet and outlet valve creates a pumping action.

The TM 40 Series offers multiple component configurations allowing them to be used for either vacuum operation, pressure operation, or alternating vacuum and pressure operations.The innovative, compact design incorporates leading edge technologies that allow it to operate harder, quieter and longer, reliabler, highly efficient.

TM 40 pumps can be mounted in any position and can deliver up to 13 l/min, 16L/min (dual head) depending on the model and will operate against pressures of up to 280Kpa.


Pressure Pump Vacuum Pump Rated Voltage No-load Current Max Pressure Max Vacuum Max Flow
  (Item Number) (Item Number) (Vdc) (A) (KPa) (KPa) (L/min)
TM40-B TM40A-B01-12-P22013 TM40A-B01-12-V8013 12 0.7 220 -80 13
  TM40-B02-12-P28016 TM40A-B02-12-V8016 12 1.2 280 -80 16
” P ” means pressure pump, ” V ” means vacuum pump, “12/24” means different voltages optional.
Pump Weight:280g; Pump Size:86*mm*65mm*40.5mm; Inlet&Outlet:OD 6.5mm/ID 3.4mm,hose suggestion:ID 5.0mm
Materials:pump head Nylon, membrane EPDM, valve EPDM
Motor type and code:”B”means economical brush DC motor (reference lifetime ≥1,000hours)

Highest Performance/Size Ratio
Innovative and efficient engineering designs enable the TM 40 Series to push the performance envelope in a lightweight, compact size.
Performs Quieter
Optimized head, chamber, and flow path reduce noise without compromising performance.
Lasts Reliably Longer

Uncontaminated flow
no contamination of the media due to oil-free operation
Little vibration
Because of leading edge technologies, top quality bearing, superior brushless motor
High level of gas tightness
thanks to stress-optimised structured diaphragm, newly-designed valves and sealing systems, precise placement of the pump head
Extreme chemical resistance
The use of chemically resistant materials optional such as PTFE FKM or other ,material combinations for the parts which allows the corrosive gas to be pumped.
Optimal solution for your application
a wide standard range of materials, motors , voltages configurates multiple components system selected

Typical Application:
Industrial pressure and vacuum applications
Portable Analytical Instruments
Medical Diagnostic Equipment
Air Quality Sampling Monitors
Respiration Monitors
Gas or Odor Leak Detectors  

Dimension(mm) & Curve:

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Material: Head Nylon, Membrane EPDM / PTFE, Valve EPDM / FPM
Power: Electric
Function: Electronic Type
Motor: DC Brush,Motor
Materials: Pump Head Nylon, Membrane EPDM / PTFE, Valve EPDM
Life-Time: 1200hour


vacuum pump

How Are Vacuum Pumps Employed in the Production of Electronic Components?

Vacuum pumps play a crucial role in the production of electronic components. Here’s a detailed explanation:

The production of electronic components often requires controlled environments with low or no atmospheric pressure. Vacuum pumps are employed in various stages of the production process to create and maintain these vacuum conditions. Here are some key ways in which vacuum pumps are used in the production of electronic components:

1. Deposition Processes: Vacuum pumps are extensively used in deposition processes, such as physical vapor deposition (PVD) and chemical vapor deposition (CVD), which are commonly employed for thin film deposition on electronic components. These processes involve the deposition of materials onto substrates in a vacuum chamber. Vacuum pumps help create and maintain the necessary vacuum conditions required for precise and controlled deposition of the thin films.

2. Etching and Cleaning: Etching and cleaning processes are essential in the fabrication of electronic components. Vacuum pumps are used to create a vacuum environment in etching and cleaning chambers, where reactive gases or plasmas are employed to remove unwanted materials or residues from the surfaces of the components. The vacuum pumps help evacuate the chamber and ensure the efficient removal of byproducts and waste gases.

3. Drying and Bake-out: Vacuum pumps are utilized in the drying and bake-out processes of electronic components. After wet processes, such as cleaning or wet etching, components need to be dried thoroughly. Vacuum pumps help create a vacuum environment that facilitates the removal of moisture or solvents from the components, ensuring their dryness before subsequent processing steps. Additionally, vacuum bake-out is employed to remove moisture or other contaminants trapped within the components’ materials or structures, enhancing their reliability and performance.

4. Encapsulation and Packaging: Vacuum pumps are involved in the encapsulation and packaging stages of electronic component production. These processes often require the use of vacuum-sealed packaging to protect the components from environmental factors such as moisture, dust, or oxidation. Vacuum pumps assist in evacuating the packaging materials, creating a vacuum-sealed environment that helps maintain the integrity and longevity of the electronic components.

5. Testing and Quality Control: Vacuum pumps are utilized in testing and quality control processes for electronic components. Some types of testing, such as hermeticity testing, require the creation of a vacuum environment for evaluating the sealing integrity of electronic packages. Vacuum pumps help evacuate the testing chambers, ensuring accurate and reliable test results.

6. Soldering and Brazing: Vacuum pumps play a role in soldering and brazing processes for joining electronic components and assemblies. Vacuum soldering is a technique used to achieve high-quality solder joints by removing air and reducing the risk of voids, flux residuals, or oxidation. Vacuum pumps assist in evacuating the soldering chambers, creating the required vacuum conditions for precise and reliable soldering or brazing.

7. Surface Treatment: Vacuum pumps are employed in surface treatment processes for electronic components. These processes include plasma cleaning, surface activation, or surface modification techniques. Vacuum pumps help create the necessary vacuum environment where plasma or reactive gases are used to treat the component surfaces, improving adhesion, promoting bonding, or altering surface properties.

It’s important to note that different types of vacuum pumps may be used in electronic component production, depending on the specific process requirements. Commonly used vacuum pump technologies include rotary vane pumps, turbo pumps, cryogenic pumps, and dry pumps.

In summary, vacuum pumps are essential in the production of electronic components, facilitating deposition processes, etching and cleaning operations, drying and bake-out stages, encapsulation and packaging, testing and quality control, soldering and brazing, as well as surface treatment. They enable the creation and maintenance of controlled vacuum environments, ensuring precise and reliable manufacturing processes for electronic components.

vacuum pump

How Do Vacuum Pumps Assist in Freeze-Drying Processes?

Freeze-drying, also known as lyophilization, is a dehydration technique used in various industries, including pharmaceutical manufacturing. Vacuum pumps play a crucial role in facilitating freeze-drying processes. Here’s a detailed explanation:

During freeze-drying, vacuum pumps assist in the removal of water or solvents from pharmaceutical products while preserving their structure and integrity. The freeze-drying process involves three main stages: freezing, primary drying (sublimation), and secondary drying (desorption).

1. Freezing: In the first stage, the pharmaceutical product is frozen to a solid state. Freezing is typically achieved by lowering the temperature of the product below its freezing point. The frozen product is then placed in a vacuum chamber.

2. Primary Drying (Sublimation): Once the product is frozen, the vacuum pump creates a low-pressure environment within the chamber. By reducing the pressure, the boiling point of water or solvents present in the frozen product is lowered, allowing them to transition directly from the solid phase to the vapor phase through a process called sublimation. Sublimation bypasses the liquid phase, preventing potential damage to the product’s structure.

The vacuum pump maintains a low-pressure environment by continuously removing the water vapor or solvent vapor generated during sublimation. The vapor is drawn out of the chamber, leaving behind the freeze-dried product. This process preserves the product’s original form, texture, and biological activity.

3. Secondary Drying (Desorption): After the majority of the water or solvents have been removed through sublimation, the freeze-dried product may still contain residual moisture or solvents. In the secondary drying stage, the vacuum pump continues to apply vacuum to the chamber, but at a higher temperature. The purpose of this stage is to remove the remaining moisture or solvents through evaporation.

The vacuum pump maintains the low-pressure environment, allowing the residual moisture or solvents to evaporate at a lower temperature than under atmospheric pressure. This prevents potential thermal degradation of the product. Secondary drying further enhances the stability and shelf life of the freeze-dried pharmaceutical product.

By creating and maintaining a low-pressure environment, vacuum pumps enable efficient and controlled sublimation and desorption during the freeze-drying process. They facilitate the removal of water or solvents while minimizing the potential damage to the product’s structure and preserving its quality. Vacuum pumps also contribute to the overall speed and efficiency of the freeze-drying process by continuously removing the vapor generated during sublimation and evaporation. The precise control provided by vacuum pumps ensures the production of stable and high-quality freeze-dried pharmaceutical products.

vacuum pump

What Is the Purpose of a Vacuum Pump in an HVAC System?

In an HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) system, a vacuum pump serves a crucial purpose. Here’s a detailed explanation:

The purpose of a vacuum pump in an HVAC system is to remove air and moisture from the refrigerant lines and the system itself. HVAC systems, particularly those that rely on refrigeration, operate under specific pressure and temperature conditions to facilitate the transfer of heat. To ensure optimal performance and efficiency, it is essential to evacuate any non-condensable gases, air, and moisture from the system.

Here are the key reasons why a vacuum pump is used in an HVAC system:

1. Removing Moisture: Moisture can be present within an HVAC system due to various factors, such as system installation, leaks, or improper maintenance. When moisture combines with the refrigerant, it can cause issues like ice formation, reduced system efficiency, and potential damage to system components. A vacuum pump helps remove moisture by creating a low-pressure environment, which causes the moisture to boil and turn into vapor, effectively evacuating it from the system.

2. Eliminating Air and Non-Condensable Gases: Air and non-condensable gases, such as nitrogen or oxygen, can enter an HVAC system during installation, repair, or through leaks. These gases can hinder the refrigeration process, affect heat transfer, and decrease system performance. By using a vacuum pump, technicians can evacuate the air and non-condensable gases, ensuring that the system operates with the designed refrigerant and pressure levels.

3. Preparing for Refrigerant Charging: Prior to charging the HVAC system with refrigerant, it is crucial to create a vacuum to remove any contaminants and ensure the system is clean and ready for optimal refrigerant circulation. By evacuating the system with a vacuum pump, technicians ensure that the refrigerant enters a clean and controlled environment, reducing the risk of system malfunctions and improving overall efficiency.

4. Leak Detection: Vacuum pumps are also used in HVAC systems for leak detection purposes. After evacuating the system, technicians can monitor the pressure to check if it holds steady. A significant drop in pressure indicates the presence of leaks, enabling technicians to identify and repair them before charging the system with refrigerant.

In summary, a vacuum pump plays a vital role in an HVAC system by removing moisture, eliminating air and non-condensable gases, preparing the system for refrigerant charging, and aiding in leak detection. These functions help ensure optimal system performance, energy efficiency, and longevity, while also reducing the risk of system malfunctions and damage.

China Best Sales CHINAMFG High Performance Silent Vacuum Food Packaging Machine Pump   vacuum pump acChina Best Sales CHINAMFG High Performance Silent Vacuum Food Packaging Machine Pump   vacuum pump ac
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China Travel personal small portable vacuum pump multipurpose keep it fresh vacuum sealing machine for food vacuum pump belt

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Types of vacuum pumps

A vacuum pump is a device that draws gas molecules from a sealed volume and maintains a partial vacuum. Its job is to create a vacuum in a volume, usually one of several. There are several types of vacuum pumps, such as root pumps, diaphragm pumps, rotary piston pumps, and self-priming centrifugal pumps.

The diaphragm pump is a dry positive displacement vacuum pump

Diaphragm pumps are a versatile type of vacuum pump. They can be installed in a variety of scenarios including container emptying, positive suction, and simultaneous fluid mixing. Their performance depends on the stiffness and durability of the diaphragm, which in turn depends on the material.
They have good performance when running in dry mode. Diaphragm pumps work very similarly to the human heart, which is why they are often used to create artificial hearts. In addition, the diaphragm pump is self-priming and has high efficiency. They are also capable of handling the most viscous liquids and are used in almost all industries.
However, this type of pump has several disadvantages. One of them is that they are difficult to restart after a power outage. Another disadvantage is that they can generate a lot of heat. Fortunately, this heat is carried away by airflow. However, this heat builds up in the multistage pump. If this happens, the diaphragm or motor may be damaged. Diaphragm pumps operating in two or more stages should be fitted with solenoid valves to maintain vacuum stability.
Diaphragm pumps are a good choice for drying processes where hygiene is important. These pumps have check valves and rubber or Teflon diaphragms. Diaphragm pumps are also ideal for high viscosity applications where shear sensitivity is important.
Vacuum Pump

Roots pumps are dry method centrifugal pumps

Roots pumps use a vane rotor pump with two counter-rotating vanes that move in opposite directions to move the gas. They are often the first choice for high-throughput process applications. Depending on the size and number of blades, they can withstand up to 10 Torr.
Centrifugal pumps have several advantages, including the ability to handle corrosive fluids and high temperatures. However, when choosing a pump, it is essential to choose a reputable manufacturer. These companies will be able to advise you on the best pump design for your needs and provide excellent after-sales support. Roots pumps can be used in a wide range of industrial applications including chemical, food, and biotechnology.
The Roots pump is a dry centrifugal pump whose geometry enables it to achieve high compression ratios. The screw rotors are synchronized by a set of timing gears that allow gas to pass in both directions and create a compressed state in the chamber. The pre-compressed gas is discharged through a pressure connection and cooled with water. Some pumps are also able to accept additional cooling gas, but this should be done with caution.
The size of the impeller plays an important role in determining the pump head. The impeller diameter determines how high the pump can lift the liquid. Impeller speed also affects the head. Since the head is proportional to the specific gravity of the liquid, the available suction pressure will be proportional to the density of the liquid. The density of water is about 1.2 kg/m3, and the suction pressure of the centrifugal pump is not enough to lift the water.

The rotary vane pump is a self-priming centrifugal pump

A rotary vane pump is a centrifugal pump with a circular pump head and a cycloid cam that supports the rotor. The rotor is close to the cam wall, and two side plates seal the rotor. Vanes in vane pumps are installed in these cavities, and the rotor rotates at high speed, pushing fluid in and out of the pump. The pump offers several advantages, including a reversible design and the ability to handle a wide variety of clean fluids.
Agknx Pumps manufactures a wide range of vane pumps that combine high performance, low cost, and easy maintenance. These pumps handle medium to high viscosity liquids up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit and 200,000 SSU.
The suction side of the rotary vane pump has a discharge port, and the valve prevents the backflow of the discharge air. When the maximum pressure is reached, the outlet valve closes to prevent the backflow of exhaust gas. The mechanical separation step separates the oil from the gas in the pump circuit and returns the remaining oil particles to the sump. The float valve then reintroduces these oil particles into the oil circuit of the pump. The gas produced is almost oil-free and can be blown out of a pipe or hose.
Rotary vane pumps are self-priming positive displacement pumps commonly used in hydraulic, aeration, and vacuum systems. Unlike gear pumps, rotary vane pumps can maintain high-pressure levels while using relatively low suction pressures. The pump is also very effective when pumping viscous or high-viscosity liquids.
Vacuum Pump

Rotary piston pumps are dry method positive displacement pumps

Rotary piston pumps are dry positive displacement pumps designed to deliver high-viscosity fluids. They are capable of pumping a variety of liquids and can run dry without damaging the liquid. Rotary piston pumps are available in a variety of designs. Some are single shafts, some are two shafts and four bearings.
Positive displacement pumps operate slower than centrifugal pumps. This feature makes the positive displacement pump more sensitive to wear. Piston and plunger reciprocating pumps are particularly prone to wear. For more demanding applications, progressive cavity, diaphragm or lobe pumps may be a better choice.
Positive displacement pumps are typically used to pump high-viscosity fluids. This is because the pump relies on a mechanical seal between the rotating elements and the pump casing. As a result, when fluids have low viscosity, their performance is limited. Additionally, low viscosity fluids can cause valve slippage.
These pumps have a piston/plunger arrangement using stainless steel rotors. Piston/piston pumps have two cavities on the suction side. The fluid then flows from one chamber to the other through a helical motion. This results in very low shear and pulsation rates. The pump is usually installed in a cylindrical housing.

Rotary vane pump corrosion resistance

Rotary vane vacuum pumps are designed for use in a variety of industries. They feature plasma-treated corrosion-resistant parts and anti-suck-back valves to help reduce the number of corrosive vapors entering the pump. These pumps are commonly used in freeze dryers, vacuum ovens, and degassing processes. The high flow rates they provide in their working vacuum allow them to speed up processes and reduce the time it takes to run them. Plus, they have energy-efficient motors and silent volume. <br/While rotary vane vacuum pumps are relatively corrosion resistant, they should not be used for aggressive chemicals. For these chemicals, the most suitable pump is the chemical mixing pump, which combines two types of pumps to improve corrosion resistance. If the application requires a more powerful pump, a progressive cavity pump (eg VACUU*PURE 10C) is suitable.
Oil seals used in rotary vane pumps are important to pump performance. The oil seal prevents corrosion of the aluminum parts of the rotary vane pump and prolongs the service life. Most rotary vane vacuum pumps have a standard set of components, although each component may have different oil seals.
Rotary vane vacuum pumps are the most common type of positive displacement pump. They provide quiet operation and long service life. They are also reliable and inexpensive and can be used in a variety of applications.
Vacuum Pump

Roots pumps are primarily used as a vacuum booster

Root vacuum pumps are mainly used as vacuum boosters in industrial applications. They need a thorough understanding of operating principles and proper maintenance to function properly. This course is an introduction to Roots vacuum pumps, covering topics such as pump principles, multi-stage pumps, temperature effects, gas cooling, and maintenance.
Roots pumps have many advantages, including compact and quiet operation. They do not generate particles and have a long service life. They also don’t require oil and have a small footprint. However, Roots pumps have several disadvantages, including relatively high maintenance costs and low pumping speeds near atmospheric pressure.
Root vacuum pumps are often used with rotary vane vacuum pumps. They work on the same principle, the air enters a conveying unit formed by two rolling pistons in the housing. The piston heads are separated from each other, and the air passes through the unit without being reduced until it is discharged. When the air in the next unit reaches a higher absolute pressure, it is expelled from the last unit.
Roots pumps can be classified as sheathed or sealed. Roots pumps with sealed motors are suitable for pumping toxic gases. They have less clearance between the stator and motor rotor and have a sealed tank.

China Travel personal small portable vacuum pump multipurpose keep it fresh vacuum sealing machine for food     vacuum pump belt	China Travel personal small portable vacuum pump multipurpose keep it fresh vacuum sealing machine for food     vacuum pump belt
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China Household Portable Vacuum Sealing Machine Packaging Handheld Vaccum Pump Food Saver Seal& Vacuum Machine For Food vacuum pump belt

Soon after-product sales Provider Supplied: Return and Replacement
Guarantee: 1 Year
Application: Outside, Lodge, Family
Power Resource: Battery, Electric powered
Application-Controlled: NO
Private Mildew: Of course
Design Quantity: QW-2103
Function: Reduced Sound, Pumping Air
Materials: Plastic
Item name: Foodstuff Saver Sealer
Voltage: 5V
Colour: white/black/pink/blue
Battery Type: 18650 Li-ion Battery
Dimension: 4.7*11.7 cm
Motor electricity: 5W
Inflation Force: 100KPA
Vacuum Force: -65KPA
Heating energy: 6.65W
Packaging Particulars: every single put in brown box, then 50pcs place in carton box

Product Attributes
*Item nameHousehold Transportable Vacuum Sealing Device Packaging Handheld Vaccum Pump Foodstuff Saver Seal& Vacuum Machine For Meals
*Materials ABS
*Operateair pump vacuum for food container, luggage bag
*Batty Kind18650 Li-ion Battery
*Dimension data4.7*11.7cm
*working timewithin 10hs
Discover Consumer ManualWhen our solution leaves the manufacturing unit, the battery power is 30%. You need to cost it following you get it and use it right after the indicator gentle turns eco-friendly Relevant Items Firm Introduction Exhibition Certifications FAQ 1:Can we distributor your product?—Yes, you are warmly welcomed to be our distributor of “Chitwan”.2:What’s your warranty policy?—We supply 12-Months warranty on all of our merchandise, which means throughout the warrantyperiod, Nipple Stretching Device For Girls Vacuum Breast Enlargement Device Butt Lifting Machine Vacuum Pump we’ll change or mend the faulty objects if with top quality troubles.3:Why pick us?—We have Mould manufacturing facility, injection device, silk screen machine, assembly line, we can make the gap products in our facet for ODM, If you have any thought for new merchandise, we can aid you to recognize . Providing lower MOQ(MOQ>=1), inventory items can be delivered inside of 7days, Overseas warehouse&fall shipping 4:Which payment would be satisfactory?—Normally, we support on the web payment-Alibaba spend, to defend the buyer’ 30hp 40hp 50hp 60hp 4 wheel forty two 40hp diesel mini tractor agricultural tractor 4×4 farm farming tractor for sale s funds, when the purchaser confirms the acceptance of products top quality is no issue, the money will be transferred to the seller’s account, absolute safety.5:How Can I get?—You can deliver us inquiry—Click “Start Buy” and shell out right!(Input quantity, decide on your nation, then you can see overall cost, including the merchandise price tag and freight)Please do write your Name, Address, Zip code and Mobile phone amount for shipping and delivery!6:Is your freight proper?—Basically, Tailored CNC router Aluminum alloy materials 5M 60tooth bore dimension 18mm OD94mm height tooth experience 39mm Boundless pulley the freight is the same as shown in the front desk. If you have anyquestions or require to deliver them to your forwarder, remember to affirm with us first.

Basic knowledge of vacuum pump

A vacuum pump is a device that draws gas molecules from a sealed volume and maintains a partial vacuum. Its main job is to create a relative vacuum within a given volume or volumes. There are many types of vacuum pumps. This article will describe how they work, their types, and their applications.
Vacuum Pump

How it works

A vacuum pump is a mechanical device that removes gas from a system by applying it to a higher pressure than the surrounding atmosphere. The working principle of the vacuum pump is based on the principle of gas transfer and entrapment. Vacuum pumps can be classified according to their vacuum level and the number of molecules that can be removed per cubic centimeter of space. In medium to high vacuum, viscous flow occurs when gas molecules collide with each other. Increasing the vacuum causes molecular or transitional flow.
A vacuum pump has several components that make it a versatile tool. One of the main components is the motor, which consists of a rotor and a stator. The rotor and stator contain coils that generate a magnetic field when excited. Both parts must be mounted on a base that supports the weight of the pump. There is also an oil drain that circulates oil throughout the system for lubrication and cooling purposes.
Another type of vacuum pump is the liquid ring vacuum pump. It works by positioning the impeller above or below the blades. Liquid ring pumps can also adjust the speed of the impeller. However, if you plan to use this type of pump, it is advisable to consult a specialist.
Vacuum pumps work by moving gas molecules to areas of higher or lower pressure. As the pressure decreases, the removal of the molecules becomes more difficult. Industrial vacuum systems require pumps capable of operating in the 1 to 10-6 Torr range.


There are different types of vacuum pumps. They are used in many different applications, such as laboratories. The main purpose of these pumps is to remove air or gas molecules from the vacuum chamber. Different types of pumps use different techniques to achieve this. Some types of pumps use positive displacement, while others use liquid ring, molecular transfer, and entrapment techniques.
Some of these pumps are used in industrial processes, including making vacuum tubes, CRTs, electric lights, and semiconductor processing. They are also used in motor vehicles to power hydraulic components and aircraft. The gyroscope is usually controlled by these pumps. In some cases, they are also used in medical settings.
How a vacuum pump works depends on the type of gas being pumped. There are three main types: positive displacement, negative displacement, and momentum transfer. Depending on the type of lubrication, these principles can be further divided into different types of pumps. For example, dry vacuum pumps are less sensitive to gases and vapors.
Another type of vacuum pump is called a rotary vane pump. This type of pump has two main components, the rotor and the vacuum chamber. These pumps work by rotating moving parts against the pump casing. The mating surfaces of rotary pumps are designed with very small clearances to prevent fluid leakage to the low pressure side. They are suitable for vacuum applications requiring low pulsation and high continuous flow. However, they are not suitable for use with grinding media.
There are many types of vacuum pumps and it is important to choose the right one for your application. The type of pump depends on the needs and purpose of the system. The larger ones can work continuously, and the smaller ones are more suitable for intermittent use.
Vacuum Pump


Vacuum pumps are used in a variety of industrial and scientific processes. For example, they are used in the production of vacuum tubes, CRTs, and electric lamps. They are also used in semiconductor processing. Vacuum pumps are also used as mechanical supports for other equipment. For example, there may be multiple vacuum pumps on the engine of a motor vehicle that powers the hydraulic components of an aircraft. In addition, they are often used in fusion research.
The most common type of vacuum pump used in the laboratory is the rotary vane pump. It works by directing airflow through a series of rotating blades in a circular housing. As the blades pass through the casing, they remove gas from the cavity and create a vacuum. Rotary pumps are usually single or double-stage and can handle pressures between 10 and 6 bar. It also has a high pumping speed.
Vacuum pumps are also used to fabricate solar cells on wafers. This involves a range of processes including doping, diffusion, dry etching, plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition, and bulk powder generation. These applications depend on the type of vacuum pump used in the process, and the vacuum pump chosen should be designed for the environment.
While there are several types of vacuum pumps available, their basic working principles remain the same. Each has different functions and capacities, depending on the type of vacuum. Generally divided into positive displacement pump, rotary vane pump, liquid ring pump, and molecular delivery pump.


The party responsible for general maintenance and repairs is the Principal Investigator (PI). Agknxs must be followed and approved by the PI and other relevant laboratory personnel. The Agknx provides guidelines for routine maintenance of vacuum pump equipment. Agknxs are not intended to replace detailed routine inspections of vacuum pump equipment, which should be performed by certified/qualified service personnel. If the device fails, the user should contact PI or RP for assistance.
First, check the vacuum pump for any loose parts. Make sure the inlet and outlet pressure gauges are open. When the proper pressure is shown, open the gate valve. Also, check the vacuum pump head and flow. Flow and head should be within the range indicated on the label. Bearing temperature should be within 35°F and maximum temperature should not exceed 80°F. The vacuum pump bushing should be replaced when it is severely worn.
If the vacuum pump has experienced several abnormal operating conditions, a performance test should be performed. Results should be compared to reference values ​​to identify abnormalities. To avoid premature pump failure, a systematic approach to predictive maintenance is essential. This is a relatively new area in the semiconductor industry, but leading semiconductor companies and major vacuum pump suppliers have yet to develop a consistent approach.
A simplified pump-down test method is proposed to evaluate the performance of vacuum pumps. The method includes simulated aeration field tests and four pump performance indicators. Performance metrics are evaluated under gas-loaded, idle, and gas-load-dependent test conditions.
Vacuum Pump


The total cost of a vacuum pump consists of two main components: the initial investment and ongoing maintenance costs. The latter is the most expensive component, as it consumes about four to five times the initial investment. Therefore, choosing a more energy-efficient model is a good way to reduce the total system cost and payback period.
The initial cost of a vacuum pump is about $786. Oil-lubricated rotary vane pumps are the cheapest, while oil-free rotary vane pumps are slightly more expensive. Non-contact pumps also cost slightly more. The cost of a vacuum pump is not high, but it is a factor that needs careful consideration.
When choosing a vacuum pump, it is important to consider the type of gas being pumped. Some pumps are only suitable for pumping air, while others are designed to pump helium. Oil-free air has a different pumping rate profile than air. Therefore, you need to consider the characteristics of the medium to ensure that the pump meets your requirements. The cost of a vacuum pump can be much higher than the purchase price, as the daily running and maintenance costs can be much higher.
Lubricated vacuum pumps tend to be more durable and less expensive, but they may require more maintenance. Maintenance costs will depend on the type of gas that needs to be pumped. Lighter gases need to be pumped slowly, while heavier gases need to be pumped faster. The maintenance level of a vacuum pump also depends on how often it needs to be lubricated.
Diaphragm vacuum pumps require regular maintenance and oil changes. The oil in the diaphragm pump should be changed every 3000 hours of use. The pump is also resistant to chemicals and corrosion. Therefore, it can be used in acidic and viscous products.

China Household Portable Vacuum Sealing Machine Packaging Handheld Vaccum Pump Food Saver Seal& Vacuum Machine For Food     vacuum pump belt	China Household Portable Vacuum Sealing Machine Packaging Handheld Vaccum Pump Food Saver Seal& Vacuum Machine For Food     vacuum pump belt
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11kw Oil-Free Scroll Air Pump for Food Machine

11kw Oil-Free Scroll Air Pump for Food Machine

Product HK-Z12/08-S1
Procedure management method Stress start off and stop
Rated pressure             (MPa) .eight
Highest pressure         ( MPa) 1.
Air flow                 (M³/min) one.two
Operating speed             ( R/min) 3200
CZPT method Belt drive
Exhaust air temperature      ( ºC  ) ≤ambient temperature  + 15 ºC
Exhaust outlet diameter      ( Inch ) 3/4
Quantity of the air tank        ( L) /
Noise                     dB(A) 60±2
Kind of motor Three-section asynchronous motors
Motor rated output          ( KW) 11KW/15HP
Motor frequency            ( HZ ) 50
Motor voltage              ( V ) 380
Motor rated current          ( A ) /
Dimension                (MM ) 1130*960*1140
Weight                   ( KG ) 440

Speak to Us
Allul Huang  
ZheCZPT Leadway Energy CO.,LTD      
CZPT, HangZhou City, ZHangZhoug of China           

11kw Oil-Free Scroll Air Pump for Food Machine

Mini Doypack Milk Powder Nuts Salt Snack Small Food Packaging Machine Automatic

Mini Doypack Milk Powder Nuts Salt Snack Small Food Packaging Machine Automatic


This machine is applicable for subject matter to configure with various dosing gadget , filling with electrical power, granule or liquid into premade pouch and sealing , the element software description as adhering to desk :

Situation Software Description
Relevant Pouch Pre-made stand up pouch, flat pouch, 4 sides sealed pouch, spout pouch, other irregular shaped flat or stand up pouches, with/without zipper etc
Applicable CZPT Configure with diverse dosing gadgets, able to pack with liquid, powder or granule etc.
Applicable CZPT
Laminate Warmth sealable packing resources these kinds of as OPP/PE, BOPP/OPP/PE, PET/AL /CPP etc.

Following are the normal operating method diagram:

Common Functions
1) Utilize for premade flat or stand up pouch fill and seal as the CZPT, with zipper as the option
two) Rigid carbon metal framework, CZPT metal 304 for surface and merchandise touching parts
3) Anodic oxidation and/or harden aluminum for main motion beam and pouch keeping bars
four) PLC and contact screen manage
5) CZPT PID temperature controller
6) Frequency converting motor driven and three different divider inHangZhou sub-techniques to allow steady and substantial-speed motion
seven) Up to nine stations empower complete and adaptable processes style, like two times filling or sealing
eight) CZPT detecting of no pouch/not completely open up, and no fill no seal interlock
nine) CZPT pouch selecting up layout, guarantee accurate positioning
10) Vacuum method driven by vacuum pump
11) CZPT pouch stretching prior to sealing, get more better sealing factor
12) Configure with distinct dosing gadget for diverse variety of merchandise

Optional Functions

Horizontal variety pouch journal
Zipper opening
Ribbon or other kind of coding
Several fills or seals
Drinking water chiller for seals


Variety 1G-xxxx 4P-210-1 4P-210-2
CZPT Velocity 30-60 pouches/min sixty-100 pouches/min
Lanes 1 Pouch/cycle two Pouches/cycle
Vertical CZPT Station one 2
Pouch Dimensions-Length a hundred-320mm one hundred-320mm
Pouch Dimension-Width ninety-210 mm 50-100 mm
CZPT Pulling CZPTn Servo Motor Servo Motor
Power Usage four. kw five. kw
Electricity Requirement AC 380V fifty/60HZ AC 380V fifty/60HZ
Applicable pouch CZPTade flat or stand up pouch CZPTade flat or stand up pouch


Variety 1G-xxxx 4P-210-one 4P-210-two
CZPT Velocity 30-60 pouches/min 60-one hundred pouches/min
Lanes 1 Pouch/cycle 2 Pouches/cycle
Vertical CZPT Station 1 two
Pouch Dimension-Duration a hundred-320mm a hundred-320mm
Pouch Dimension-Width ninety-210 mm 50-a hundred mm
CZPT Pulling CZPTn Servo Motor Servo Motor
Energy Intake 4. kw 5. kw
Energy Necessity AC 380V 50/60HZ AC 380V fifty/60HZ
Applicable pouch CZPTade flat or stand up pouch CZPTade flat or stand up pouch


Mini Doypack Milk Powder Nuts Salt Snack Small Food Packaging Machine Automatic

Automatic Pet Food Rotary Packing Machine

Automatic Pet Food Rotary Packing Machine

CZPT Pet Food Rotary Packing CZPT (GD6-300A)

1. Straightforward to operate, undertake superior PLC from Germany Siemens, mate with touch display and electric powered control system, the man-machine interface is welcoming.
2. Frequency conversion adjusts the velocity: This machine utilizes frequency conversion equipment, can be altered within the assortment according to the wants of truth in creation.
3. CZPT checking: No pouch or pouch open up error, no fill, no seal. The bag can be utilized once more, keep away from throwing away packing supplies and uncooked resources.
four. Protection device: CZPT end at abnormal air pressure, heater disconnection alarm.
five. Horizontal conveyer type to giving bag: It can put on more luggage on the bag storage and have a low need about the top quality of luggage.
6. Use the plastic bearing, do not want put on oil, much less air pollution.
seven. Use no oil vacuum pump, avoid polluting the atmosphere in the production.
eight. The packing supplies decline low, what this machine is utilized the preformed bag, the bag sample is ideal and has a higher high quality of the sealing part, this improved the product specification
nine. Product or packing bag speak to components adopt stainless steel or other supplies which accord with the foods hygienic requirements, guarantee hygiene and security of the foodstuff
ten. With different feeders modified to pack sound, liquid, thick liquid, powder and so on.
eleven. The packing bag fits in substantial variety, match for multi-layer compound, monolayer PE, PP and so on Preformed bag manufactured by movie and paper.

Product Method:
1, Giving bag
two, coding date
three, open up bag
4, filling &vibrate
5, sealing
6, forming & outpout deals


Model GD6-300A
Doing work situation 6-operating situation
Pouch materials Laminated film
Pouch sample Stand-up,spout,falt
Pouch dimensions W:200-300mm L:two hundred-500mm
Pace ≤35pouches/min(The velocity depends on the item standing and flling weight)
Weight 1200KGS
Voltage 380V 3phase 50HZ/60HZ
Total energy 2KW
Compress air .6m3/min(offer by user)
Dimension 2500(L)*1800(W)*1800(H)

Automatic Pet Food Rotary Packing Machine

Food Plant Cassava Powder Vacuum Feeding Machine Feeder Machine

Food Plant Cassava Powder Vacuum Feeding Machine   Feeder Machine

Meals Plant Cassava Powder Vacuum Feeding CZPT / Feeder CZPT

Primary CZPT Data:

Design No. SLJ-1 SLJ-two SLJ-3 SLJ-four SLJ-5 SLJ-6 SLJ-seven
Feeding Volume 400L/h 600L/h 1200L/h 2000L/h 3000L/h 4000L/h 6000L/h
Total Power one.5KW 2.2KW 3KW five.5KW 4KW five.5KW 7.5KW
Air Consumption 8L/min 8L/min 10L/min 12L/min 12L/min 12L/min 17L/min
Force of Air .5-.6Mpa .five-.6Mpa .5-.6Mpa .five-.6Mpa .five-.6Mpa .five-.6Mpa .five-.6Mpa
All round Dimension φ213*805 φ290*996 φ290*996 φ420*1328 φ420*1328 φ420*1328 φ420*1420

one. CZPTr or trading company :   CZPTr
two.  Location :     CZPTang district , ZheJiang
3.  Selling markets:   Euope, CZPTican, Australia, Asia, Africa
four.  CZPT:     Available for CZPT designs
5.  Delivery time:   15 – 30days
six.  Warranty period:    1 year

Merchandise Description:
The vacuum  feeding  machine  is used  to  transfer  materials  to packing  equipment or  mixing  machine. It  reduce  the workers  labor  intensity  and  solve  the  problem  about  feed  in  raw  material  dust  spiliover  and so on. It  is  used to  pharmaceutical  factory , foodstuff manufacturing facility, through  the  GMP  certification, promote  clean  and civilized  production  first  choice  equipment. The  vacuum  feeder is  consist  of  vacuum  pump, stainless  steel  suction  nozzle, soft  conveying  pipe, PE  filter, compressed  air  blowback  system, pneumatic  discharging  gadget, vacuum  hopper  and  automatic  material  level  controlller  and so on. The  whole  system  design  is  affordable and  exquisiely.

Much more Photos Display:


Firm Data:

Our Exhibition:

Welcome to Make contact with:


Food Plant Cassava Powder Vacuum Feeding Machine   Feeder Machine

Cleaning Machines Plastic Food Turnover Basket Washing Machine Crate Washer

Cleaning Machines Plastic Food Turnover Basket Washing Machine Crate Washer

one.- Cleaning CZPTs CZPT Food Turnover Basket Washing CZPT Crate Washer

Crate washer, also named tray washer, bucket washer, or plate washing device, for washing and cleansing plastic container and stainless steel plates, mostly in foodstuff processing business this kind of as bakery, meat, poutry, vegetable manufacturing facility, and so on.

The tools is composed of reducer, drinking water pump, cylinder, bracket, roller, spray pipe, hopper, cover, h2o tank, valve, push shaft, motor frame, electric powered handle change and other parts.

The steady washing process can be divided into a few levels:

The 1st technique is sizzling alkaline h2o washing, the CZPT is sizzling water washing, 
and the 3rd is widespread water washing.

In the 3rd method the widespread drinking water is recycled into the h2o tank of the CZPT 
system and heated for reuse, and element of the sewage is discharged instantly. 
There are heating pipes in the water tanks of the very first and program, and the temperature 
can be established from standard temperature to 95° C.

The size of the device is CZPT in accordance to the needs of customers. 
But the least length is suggested as 5 meters, if duration is too tiny, the washing effect 
of the machine will be affected.

two.-Purposes of Turnover Basket Washing CZPT Crate Washer

Mostly used for foodstuff processing agri items, hen, poultry and meat processing sectors,
For cleaning and sterilizing all kinds of plastic tray, crate, basket, other containers, and so on.

3.-CZPT Index of Turnover Basket Washing CZPT Crate Washer


No. Product Value
1 Design TSXK-sixty
2 Heating technique CZPTtric heating
three Sterilization temperature a hundred ºC Max
4 Cleansing time(min) 1-10
five Overall Dimensions(mm) 5500*1500*1600
six Successful Dimensions(mm) 4500*800*600
7 Power(KW) 100

four.-CZPT and Shipping and delivery of Turnover Basket Washing CZPT Crate Washer

CZPT With Wrapping film and in picket circumstance,
or according to the client requirements.
Shipping Time 10-15 Working times.
CZPT Type By sea, railway, and many others.

5. -Firm Information

HangZhou TiHangZhou CZPTry Co.,Ltd. has grown into a big, specialized foodstuff equipment manufacturing company which integrates R & D and manufacturing. Currently has far more than a hundred staff, the division of labor is professionalization and particular, there are specialized division, soon after-income service section, domestic marketing and advertising division, worldwide company office, and so on. The business has all sorts of welding tools, machining tools to meet the needs of diverse customers.

Major merchandise: Meals equipment and full production lines, which includes:

Greens&fruits chopping devices,
Peeling&washing equipment,
Frying tools,
Air drying machinery,
Blanching&cooking device,
Foodstuff flavoring device,
Foods coating equipment,
Crate washer equipment,
Experience mask equipment,
Vacuum packing device,
Mask creating machine,
Donuts device,
CZPT french fries/potato chips production line, plantain chips manufacturing line.

All of them can be developed semi-automatic and total automated, and widely utilized for processing versions of vegetable, fruits, fish, seafood, and many others. Some of them have move the CE certificate. All of them could be CZPT, and we also offer and style personal equipment for clients.


Cleaning Machines Plastic Food Turnover Basket Washing Machine Crate Washer

12V Electric Vacuum Suction Pump for Household Food Vacuum Sealer Packaging Machine

12V Electric Vacuum Suction Pump for Household Food Vacuum Sealer Packaging Machine

12v electric powered vacuum suction pump for home foodstuff vacuum sealer packaging machine

Item Fearture:

Specification For Approval
Rated Voltage  DC4.5V DC6.0V DC12.0V
Rated Current  <800MA <550MA <320MA
Air Flow Without Load   two.-3.2LPM
Pressure  70-150Kpa
Negative Pressure < – 60Kpa
Life Test  >100,000 cycle (in 500cc tank,work for 2 secs and stop for 1 sec as a cycle)
Apply  AIR
CZPT  0ºC ~55ºC
Product net weight  60g
Packing way  inner package 45PCS/plate 66g 290*390*33mm
outer package 270PCS/box 430g 315*425*185mm
Noise Level   <60dB
CZPT  Mainly used for breast pump, medical care. Health and household appliances, and other products


Merchandise Photograph:   


Product dimensions:



12V Electric Vacuum Suction Pump for Household Food Vacuum Sealer Packaging Machine

Disposable Custom made in China – replacement parts – in Tashkent Uzbekistan Fast Food Knife and Fork Chopsticks Wipes Packaging Machine with top quality

Disposable  Custom  made in China - replacement parts -  in Tashkent Uzbekistan  Fast Food Knife and Fork Chopsticks Wipes Packaging Machine with top quality

We – EPG Team the bigge EPT gearbox & motors , vee pulleys, timing pulleys, couplings and gears manufacturing facility in China with 5 diverse branches. For more specifics: Cellular/whatsapp/telegram/Kakao us at: 0086~13083988828 13858117778 0571 88828

260 wipes chopsticks packaging machine product introduction:

one.the performance framework and traits of 260 damp wipes chopsticks packaging device:
The 1.260 mm folding equipment measures approximately 4. meters in size, 1.5 meters in width and 1.5 meters in height.
two. Gear creation needs: Soaked wipes chopsticks packaging equipment can produce all types of spunlace non-woven materials hot air fabric dust-free paper and EPT merchandise.
three. The doing work principle of the soaked wipes chopsticks packaging device: conveying → automatic longitudinal folding → uncooked material cutting → horizontal folding → automatic feeding of chopsticks → simultaneous delivery of chopsticks and soaked wipes → packaging → quantitative dosing → printing date → suture → slicing fully automatic completion.
4. Damp wipes chopsticks packaging equipment is suited for single-piece wet wipes, chopsticks and soaked wipes at the same time, damp towel packaging, and so on.
5. Moist wipe chopsticks packaging machine is geared up with multi-function vertical eight-fold folding mechanism and cam wave kind horizontal folding system, which is neatly folded.
six. The length of the bundle of the moist wipes chopsticks packaging device is established and lower, no need to have to adju EPT the empty wander, 1 step in location, preserving time and movie, straightforward to run.
seven. Soaked wipes chopsticks packaging equipment with multi-perform computerized bag generating machine, the measurement of the packaging item can be managed freely, no require to change the bag, easy to function, help save time and film.
8. The soaked wipes chopsticks packaging equipment is outfitted with chain-variety double-monitor synchronous conveying, and the feeding is precise the chain carries the corrosion-resistant plastic module to bear the material, which is cleanse and pollution-free of charge.
9. The foundation of the whole equipment is equipped with whee EPT for simple movement, and it is also outfitted with a foot. It can be lifted and decreased by the screw rod for simple fixing.
10. Wipes chopsticks packaging device: with a pair of traction wheels, a pair of longitudinal sealing wheels, a pair of middle sealing whee EPT (different chopsticks and moist wipes), a pair of transverse sealing cutters. All stitching patterns are ribbed (striped) the middle sealing wheel has a width of 5 merings (5 mm) and can adju EPT the heart line to the still left and right. Other individuals are manufactured as normal. Each sewing gadget is geared up with a clutch for straightforward operation.
11. 260 wipes chopsticks packaging device is geared up with a quantitative computerized liquid filling device, the amount of liquid can be freely controlled according to needs, the filling place is exact.
12. The vertical and horizontal sea EPT of the gear are controlled by an impartial PID temperature management technique. The sealing overall performance is very good and the water is not leaking. It is geared up with an ink wheel sort automated date printing system, and the electronic printing is clear.
13. The products adopts imported frequency converter combined with PLC programming controller and micro-laptop text display to jointly handle manufacturing. The creation parameters are clear at a glance and simple to run.
fourteen. The gear casing and the components involved in the merchandise are all made of 304 stainless metal.
fifteen. The gear design idea is advanced, compact, rapidly, steady, substantial in generation performance, and meets the needs of national wellness standards.
16. Soaked wipes chopsticks packaging equipment The entire device frame adopts the countrywide standard forming metal, platinized and galvanized, the frame welding measurement is precise, the pulley and all the transmission elements, the middle diploma is precise, the main gear is processed in items, which is handy for modifying the gap and ensuring the device. It operates efficiently, and the primary parts are guaranteed for a single 12 months (other than for human motives) and are preserved for existence.
17. The common areas screws are all made of high quality forty five# metal and stainless steel hexagon socket screws. The entire device casing and the parts involved are manufactured of 304 stainless metal. All electroplated areas are electroplated two times, with very good end, making certain the smoothness and ru EPT resistance of all parts of the machine.

two.  260 moist wipes chopsticks packaging machine products specialized parameters:

Production speed: 35-a hundred and fifty bags / moment (if only a solitary piece of damp wipes can achieve up to 200 luggage / minute) The actual production pace depends on the content of various materials
Packing measurement: size 65-300mm × width thirty-120mm adjustment as essential
Packaging movie width: 80-260mm depending on the thickness of the deal
Paper towel size: duration sixty-320mm × width eighty-300mm
Power and Power 220v 50hz 2.4kw
Proportions: duration 4000mm × width 1500mm × peak 1500mm
Dosing assortment: 0ml-10ml can be managed freely
Packaging components: composite film, aluminized movie, paper aluminum, paper laminating
Machine weight: 1200kg
Non-woven outer diameter greatest Non-woven material roll diameter: 1200 mm
The outer diameter of the packaging film is the biggest. The diameter of the packaging movie is four hundred mm.

three. 260 soaked wipes chopsticks packaging device electrical configuration and body configuration

Inverter one period .75kw Panasonic
Temperature controller ZheJiang Yatai NG1401A—Y/220V
Text display Siemens 400
PLC Siemens 222
Encoder OMRON one thousand
Human body configuration: Rack, chassis: 304 stainless steel
The relaxation: iron plate platinized, galvanized, blackened, etc.


Product QX-260A
Pace 80 ~ 200 packs / min
Energy offer 220V 55Hz 2.4Kw
Complete fat 1200KG

We – EPG Group the bigge EPT gearbox & motors , vee pulleys, timing pulleys, couplings and gears manufacturing facility in China with 5 different branches. For far more information: Mobile/whatsapp/telegram/Kakao us at: 0086~13083988828 13858117778 0571 88828 The use of authentic gear manufacturer’s (OEM) part quantities or emblems , e.g. CASE® and John Deere® are for reference needs only and for indicating merchandise use and compatibility. Our organization and the outlined replacement elements contained herein are not sponsored, approved, or manufactured by the OEM.

Disposable  Custom  made in China - replacement parts -  in Tashkent Uzbekistan  Fast Food Knife and Fork Chopsticks Wipes Packaging Machine with top quality

Disposable  Custom  made in China - replacement parts -  in Tashkent Uzbekistan  Fast Food Knife and Fork Chopsticks Wipes Packaging Machine with top quality