Quality Cement Grout Injection Pump for Rock Grouting

Quality Cement Grout Injection Pump for Rock Grouting

quality cement grout injection pump for rock grouting
1. Description
LGP250/350/100PI-D Grout Station is a hydraulic driven mixture of mixer, agitator and grout pump, it is specially style for continuous cement mixing and grouting in floor/underground engineering. It can quick mix h2o, cement and additive, then the mixed slurry can be saved into a 300 liters agitator, therefore the mixing function can continuously be completed.

2. Application
It can be used for grouting in soil,earth basis stabilization, waterproofing, tunnel lining, underwater foundation, bridge decks, deep well casing, slope line grouting, etc.
three. CZPT information

Description Data
Grout Station type LGP250/350/100PI-D
Mixer Quantity 250L
Mixer generation(w/c ratio=one) four m3/h
Circulation ability 1200l/min
Suited W/C Ratio .five to one
Agitator Quantity 350L
Agitator Velocity 36rpm
H2o tank 60L
Grout Pump Variety LGH90
Grout pump output(Max.) 100L/min
Grout pump function pressure 10MPa
Grout Station General dimension 3300x1650x1500mm
Grout Station Weight 1400kgs
Notice:LGP250/350/100PI-D is a blend of mixer, agitator and grout pump in 1 base frame

four. Features:
one. Compact dimension, It is mixture of mixer, agitator and piston grout pump in one base frame
2. CZPT reduction valve and directional valve for hydraulic program of grout pump
three. Butterfly valve of mixer and agitator
4. Oil temperature gauge can immediately handle cooler fan operating in normal temperature assortment, if temperature is as well high, the device will cease function immediately
5. Procedure and routine maintenance are simple
six. With ISO, CE certification.

5.In depth Photographs:

six.CZPT & CZPT:

seven.Organization Data:

Quality Cement Grout Injection Pump for Rock Grouting