LPG Flow Meter LPG Dispenser Flow Meter

LPG Flow Meter LPG Dispenser Flow Meter

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LPGFlow Meter is developed with global sophisticated CZPTs based mostly on consumers requirements. It is utilizing solid iron human body,stainless steel cylinder liner,and 4-pistoned development with check valve inlet, high energy,high wearability ,and substantial accuracy, lengthy provider elevate . it can be utilized for gasoline, diesel, kerosene or compound of them. 


 Working Basic principle: CZPTeum flows out of pump flows into movement meter, it leads to a angular deviation to the flow meter transmission shaft, and the pulse producing gadget provides out pulse signal to point out the volume of the liquid.

Technical specs
two.Large performance 
3.Lower maintenance

LPG movement meter adopts innovative technology, which can be extensively utilized on distinct gasoline dispensers.
This merchandise has rewards as long utilizing phrase, substantial precision, organization framework and many others.
It can be the very best option of gasoline dispenser component.

Technical specs:
one.Max Functioning Stress: 1.8MPa
2.Flow Rate: 5 to 60L
3.Discharge rate per revolution: .5L/r
4.Adjustable Minimum Quantity: .one%
5.Precision: ±0.5%
6.Repeatable Tolerance: ≤0.25%
seven.Package deal: 1pcs/carton
8.Web Weight: twelve.5kg
nine.Gross Fat: thirteen.5kg
ten.Dimension: 280×260×360mm 


LPG stream meter is in development of stainless steel bush and 4-piston constructive displacement with check out valve created in, with edge of high trustworthiness, great wearability, prescise evaluate, and lengthy life .

CZPT Specification:

Max. Operating Pressure


Stream Range


Discharge Fee Per Revolution


Adjustable Minimum Quantity




Repeatable Tolerance

≤0.twenty five%



Net bodyweight


Gross bodyweight





LPG Flow Meter LPG Dispenser Flow Meter