Hand Pressure Calibration Pump

Hand Pressure Calibration Pump

Hand pressure calibration pump

Desktop hydraulic force guage calibrator is unique created for on-website calibration of stress gauge, with an open, clear layout, straightforward, stable buck, modify fineness little, straightforward to preserve, hard to leakage attributes, nicely-developed exhaust valve properly avoid air pollution.

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Title Hand strain calibration pump
Application      Calibration of strain gauge, pressure transmitter
Selection -60MPa, -100MPa,-160MPa,-200MPa,-250MPa, -300Mpa
Procedure Handbook operation
Purpose Fine Adjustment,Lower off valve
Meidum Oil or Pure drinking water
Thread port 3 ports
Thread dimension M20*1.5 CZPT, or other
Weight 23kg
Size 58x48x38cm

Handheld presusre calibrator optional:

Output stress range Y039: 0-one.6MPa
Y061: -.1-0MPa
Y060: -25MPa
YFP-16: -.088~one.6MPa(-.88~16bar)
YFP-twenty: -.088~two.0MPa(-.88~20bar)
YFP-twenty five: -.088~2.5MPa(-.88~25bar)
XYSB60: -60MPa(~600bar)
running temperature -20~50C
running relative humidity ~one hundred%
adaptable hose connector M20*1.5 feminine
grasp gage connector 1/4NPT male
dimensions 235×120×65 230 x 110 x 60
excess weight .6kg .5kg.2.5KG
Components 500 mm lengthy plastic hose and a leatherette carrying bag
Outlet threads one/four NPT, or to custom made request
Vernier-adjuster micro-adjustable, volume manage

Comparable force calibrator optional:

Product Medium Procedure Stress range
XY-2001A Air Bench  -40~40KPa, -50~50KPa
XY-2001B Air Bench  -sixty~100KPa, -sixty~200KPa, -100~200KPa
XY-2002A Air Bench  -.one-2Mpa, -.one-4Mpa, -.one-6Mpa
XY-2002B Air Bench  -.1-4Mpa, -.one-6Mpa,-.1-8Mpa, -.1-10Mpa
XY-2003 Oil or drinking water Bench -60MPa,-100Mpa,-160Mpa,-200Mpa, -250Mpa, -300Mpa
XY-2006A Air Transportable  -.one-2Mpa, -.one-4Mpa, -.one-6Mpa
XY-2006B Oil Portable -40Mpa, -60Mpa
XY-6 Oil Bench  -.088~6MPa
XY-sixty Oil Bench -40MPa, -60Mpa
XYS-forty oil or h2o Bench -40Mpa for oxygen gauge
XYS-60 oil or drinking water Bench -60Mpa for oxygen gauge
XYL-sixty Oil Bench -40MPa, -60Mpa
XY-2009A Oil CZPTtrical automated -60MPa, -80Mpa
XY-2009B Air CZPTtrical computerized -1MPa, 2.5MPa, four.0MPa, .06MPa
XY-2009B Vacuum CZPTtrical computerized (-.one~) MPa

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Hand Pressure Calibration Pump