Fuel Oil Crude Oil Heavy Oil Diesel Oil Transfer Pump

Fuel Oil   Crude Oil   Heavy Oil   Diesel Oil Transfer Pump

Performance Knowledge&colon
Viscosity&colon 3&period0~ 760 mm2&sol s&semi
Movement&colon 11~ 3500 L&sol min&semi
Max&period Pressure&colon 4&period0 Mpa&semi
Max&interval Temperature&colon a hundred and twenty

one&time period The most broadly used screw pumps&semi
2&period CZPT framework&comma with convenient routine maintenance for pump parts and components substitute&semi
3&interval Distinctive double seal design&comma with reputable sealing result&semi
4&period The assembly of strain alleviate valve is used to protect pumps

To transfer various medium with lubricating residence or partial lubricating home&comma but without strong particles&comma like lubricant &lpar oil&rpar &lpar for case in point&comma lubrication oil&comma device oil&comma hydraulic oil&comma gear oil&comma etc&interval &rpar&comma drinking water glycol&comma lubrication grease&comma mild diesel oil&comma residual fuel &lpar oil&rpar &lpar these kinds of as heavy oil&comma coal tar&comma and so forth&period &rpar and other sticky chemical medium&time period

Are commonly utilized in the fields of machinery&comma petroleum & chemical sector&comma metallurgy&comma iron & metal&comma electrical electrical power&comma marine&comma Centralized lubrication device&comma Lube circulation technique&comma and so forth&time period

Mounting Type&colon
H&colon Horizontal mounting&comma frequent variety linked by widespread baseplate
F&colon Bracket-kind mounting&comma connected by bracket
S&colon Vertical mounting&comma
K&colon Immersion-kind mounting&comma to decrease the profession area on the oil tank&time period

Fuel Oil   Crude Oil   Heavy Oil   Diesel Oil Transfer Pump