15kv Power Transformer Sf6 Switch Gear 315kVA Combined Compact Transformer Substation

15kv Power Transformer Sf6 Switch Gear 315kVA Combined Compact Transformer Substation








2) Location arrangement




Medium voltage compartment




Distribution transformer compartment




Low voltage switchgear compartment


three) Control and safety (see refer hooked up file)

4) Conversation

5) LV program



six) Description of primary tools


The units are to be supplied as completely equipped packaged substations, including

a) Outer housing

b) Medium voltage compartment

c) Distribution transformer compartment

d) Lower voltage switchgear compartment


seven) CZPT information sheet

two.1 CZPTtrical knowledge

       Nominal voltages                             15kV                         

       Rated Voltage                                24kv               

       Amount of phases                            Three                          

       Rated Frequency                             50 Hz                          

       Rated Quick-time   

       Withstand existing for 1s                    16kA                          

       Power frequency stand up to voltage           50kV               

         Lightning Impulse withstand

         Voltage (1.two/50 ms)                      125 kv     



three. CZPTtrical Design and style Common


three.one Transformer.


The substation is created to cater for bushings on reverse sides of the transformer. 

The bushings on the transformers must be coated, if possible by utilizing cable entry transformers. If not, then appropriate earthed metallic cable addresses shall be installed on the transformer to eliminate all bare reside connections.


3.2 High voltage switchgear


Numerous types of substantial voltage switchgear are accessible which will go over all programs. Typical 1 is a Ring Primary Unit comprising two feeder cable switches and one particular fused switch/circuit breaker for 1 transformer


3.3. Low Voltage Switchboard


The low voltage switchboard will have a load break change for each transformer. The customer’s supply is to be protected with either fuses – up to 1200 Amp (two stripe fuses in parallel) – or circuit breakers – previously mentioned 1200 amps. The reduced voltage board also provides the facility for giving the substation’s light-weight and energy and ventilation and sump pump tools if set up and also is made up of greatest need indicators.


–   Service voltage                                      15kV            

       –      Off-load tapping                         ± 2×2.five%     

       –      Ratted reduced-voltage at no-load               400 V           

       –      Method frequency                            50 Hz           

       –      Vector group                                 Dyn5            

       –      Limited-circuit impedance                   According to IEC60076

       –      Highest method voltage                      24 kV                 

       –      Rated lightning impulse endure voltage

              (1.two/50 ms) for MV windings                 a hundred twenty five kV         

       –      face up to voltage for MV windings            50kV     

       –      Rated 1 moment electricity frequency

       –      Withstand voltage for LV windings            3 kV     

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15kv Power Transformer Sf6 Switch Gear 315kVA Combined Compact Transformer Substation